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The Fake News of D-Day and the Art of Shaping Memory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/20/fake-news-d-day-and-art-shaping-memory


Thank you Andrew Bacevich, for your always considered thoughts !

I thought I would take this opportunity to cite a new book I just found at the local bookstore, and might be worth a read, especially as it is not available at the Calgary Public library, Mount Royal University or the University of Calgary.

It seems to capture the spirit of the times, or perhaps the dispirit of the age:

THE EMPIRE AND THE FIVE KINGS America’s Abdication and the Fate of the World

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I am thankful for this article. It’s very good that someone is calling out Bret Stephens for his repeated war-mongering and subterfuge.

I don’t suppose this article will show up in the NYT or the Washington post.


From the article:

‘In liberal circles, Putin has, of course, made himself persona non grata.’

Why in 4uck$ name does everybody have to keep repeating the BS that Putin is out to get us? Why imply Putin rigged our election, when no plausible evidence supports that contention?


For sure not. But there was an interesting interview on the Real News just recently (https://therealnews.com/stories/d-day-mythology-of-america-as-liberator-feeds-trumps-militarism) where they said the percentage of people in the US who understood the Soviet’s bigger role in the Nazi’s defeat than the US role was a majority just after the war and has sunk to around 15% now - our history is not being taught well - if only people like Bacevich and Kuznick (from the Real News piece) teaching our kids.


“everyone is out to get us”
That is the way. In religious texts, in schoolbooks, in underpriveged or overprivileged rationales, how many people of groups of people ever can just feel secure?
My personal need this year is the media tripe: “This is what you need to know…”

Corrections: or… My personal gripe…