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The Fall of Trump Propels the Climate Story into a Decisive New Era

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/11/fall-trump-propels-climate-story-decisive-new-era

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Not going to happen on the scale needed, until capitalism is defeated IMHO.


This article is good - if you can call capturing the mood of despair good:

“Eight years after meeting Mike Stout, I spoke to him this week. He didn’t have much good news for me. Maura lost her hotel position last year and is now working from home in the pandemic, phoning up people deep in debt and pressing them to repay their loans. His son, Mike, lost his job just a few weeks ago for the second time in five years, and now has no medical insurance while his wife has stage-4 cancer.”

“They’ve been pushed off the shelf straight into the gutter,” he told me. “I don’t see any party out there willing to protect my children’s lives: not Democrat, not Republican.”


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Yeah, I’d thought that BOTH parties’ API dictated, bogus “environmental” platforms pretty much doom us ALL to exponentially worsening climate catastrophe. Sneering old rich party elite, pay millions to dead-eyed K Street shills to keep pretending the horror will only befall “our grandkids.” It’s happening NOW! If yuppies sufficiently delusional, evil & speciously oblivious to ingore drought, firestorms, famine, diseases, climate refugees… platitudes, euphemism and tired-ass, BLATANT obfuscation only has to work for ~10% of the slime that invariably floats to some fantasy escape?



Yeah, your last sentence in quotes, pretty much sums up the situation.

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“newsrooms should be cautious about drawing conclusions about what role climate change did or did not play in the 2020 US elections.”

As if that were even a significant part of the issue, which is “What’re we gonna DO about it?”

To the extent that the president-elect has “the strongest climate plan in history,” he has also promised NOT to touch any of the causes of the looming potential climate collapse except for fracking on federal land, the answer to the question would seem to be “nothing.” So we will just have to see what if anything he actually does in that direction, while pestering him up to his eyebrows with what he needs to do and why.

We can organize to our hearts’ content, but this challenge cannot be met at the household level, only at the national level, including some changes that are guaranteed to piss a lot of people off. SOLUTION: LISTEN TO THEIR COMPLAINTS AND FIND WAYS TO HELP THEM LIVE EVEN BETTER THAN THEY THOUGHT POSSIBLE.

Another world IS possible, and billions of people are working on it with considerable success. The only real obstacles are the US government and the know-nothing USian public. A little help from the media would be nice. Hertzgaard not so much. Nice to see the defeatists out having a party.

Frack on.