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The False Assumption: Everyone Wants to End Poverty


The False Assumption: Everyone Wants to End Poverty

James Abro

The debate about income inequality and poverty in America is generally carried out with the underlying assumption that everyone wants to end poverty, and there are well-meaning though different approaches to doing so.

But what if that’s not true? What if the assumption is false? Should we continue carrying on this corrupted debate? Or should we look for other means to address the scourge of poverty in America?


We don’t have to look much farther than Richard Nixon and the memo from Lewis Powell in 1971. His memo to the National Chamber of Commerce suggested that businesses in America make life “less secure” for all citizens so they would work for less and not complain as much or ask for benefits. Jobs were then sent overseas to find a more pliable work force, and our jobs have been decimated ever since. Powell said we had an excess of democracy.


There is a good reason why high rates of poverty are favored in highly capitalist societies. That is that it lowers the cost of labor. If there is high unemployment, then there is a ready supply of cheap labor with a large array of skillsets for corporations to choose from. If there is low unemployment, it drives the cost of workers up. That it is theorized is not good for the economy, if you’re an investor.


Dear James:

You are quite correct. You are talking about people who are brain dead. The 1% as you call them are just well off and only by the luck of the draw they have not experienced what you and I have. I talk to people like this every day and who have not had any close scrapes with homelessness or getting that next meal.

Somehow, they have managed not only to think what they think, but also to actually say it aloud to our faces. They say that they worked hard for what they have thus leaving the only premise available to us….is that we are nothing but a bunch of lazy bums wanting something for nothing.

Most of those conservatives elected to Congress are not well educated in history or in economics and have a propensity for greed. It is a pernicious thing. There is no realization that it takes more time and effort to hold a man down than to help him up. It is a counterproductive tactic and it will surely bring us all down.

How can a country sustain its self and its people if the people are so poorly paid, and then, locked away for crimes, of poverty? It cannot! It is a race to the bottom but those in charge are too blind to see such simple solutions.