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The False Narratives Used to Try to Derail Bernie's Army

The False Narratives Used to Try to Derail Bernie's Army

Michael Sainato

On Monday, Politico ran a piece on the Bernie Sanders founded organization, Our Revolution, titled “Bernie’s Army in Disarray,” a pre-conceived, yet inevitable narrative that Sanders’ movement is somehow ineffective and failing. The new article, a follow-up to their May 29, 2017 piece “Sanders revolution hits a rough patch,” utilizes anonymous sourcing and various false comparisons to develop an unfavorable narrative to Bernie Sanders and Our Revolution.

As far as Politico trashing Bernie Sanders and Our Revolution, look no further than the Clinton machine as the likely source…or their lackeys and co-conspirators…including the Obama camp.

Andy Cuomo will do anything for power; he is known as an opportunist who along with Republican co-conspirators 'fixed" the Albany balance of power so each could claim they can’t do anything because of the other…utter bullshit of course. add Cuomo’s vindictive nature and he seems a likely candidate for the corrupt DP establishment swine.

Bernie Sanders regardless the highly suspect propaganda from Politico trashing his standing, is still the “most popular and respected politician in America”…for numerous good reasons. He has worked for the people’s interests even working within the corrupt and stinking cesspool of American two-party politics.

The Clinton’s are still seething with fury at Hill’s loss to trump,blaming everyone in sight except her own incompetence and loathsome self…she was arguably the only candidate in America the idiot DP establishment could have chosen that the equally despised trump could have beaten…we are still (sort of) living through the nightmare of trumps regime of destruction the DP sellout wing brought to America in their stupidity and Clinton’s arrogance…“the anointment of the Red Queen, coming to a hall near you”…

And STILL the DP establishment Clinton/Obama sellout wing betrays us all and consigns us to more years of political evil incarnate…


You have to expect all out smears against liberals from the D-Party establishment.

After all, if their big corporate donors smell a leftie insurgency, the money train stops rolling.


A media outlet that employs the cosseted Washington DC press corps trashing a Bernie Sanders organization who’s very existence is an existential threat to them: say it ain’t so!

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Actually, it may be the exact opposite. When they smell a leftie insurgency, the money will come rolling in to stop it.


I tend to think that Indivisible will have more of an impact on elections than Our Revolution. It has about 6,000 groups around the country including at least two in every congressional district. In my area indivisible groups seem to be everywhere. I haven’t noticed any evidence of Our Revolution on a grassroots level. If members are around they seem to be keeping a low profile.

“As Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb serves on the Our Revolution Board, the organization would seem unlikely to intervene in one of the state’s primaries.”

Jane Kleeb is NOT working in the best interest of Our Revolution, and should be removed from the Board.


Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Chair has actually gone out of her way to sabotage Kara Eastman’s campaign. Jane Kleeb was helping Brad Ashford, because the DNC and DCCC promised the Nebraska in upwards of $500,000. I know because I serve on the Nebraska Democratic Central Committee and Douglas County Democrats Central Committee. Jane even attended Brad Ashford’s election party, but left to go to Kara Eastman’s election party once it appeared Kara would win. Jane arrived very unannounced, very late and very unwelcome at Eastman’s victory party. Jane Kleeb told County Party Officials in Kara’s Congressional District that she was keeping Our Revolution out of the race, but Kleeb did nothing to ensure the same action with the DCCC and the Blue Dog PAC. You should definitely speak with Douglas County Democratic Chair Crystal Rhoades in Omaha, NE, Michael!


I don’t buy the whole package here, though it’s a reasonable enough response to a lot of the criticism coming from the corporatist Clinton wing of the party and its fairly in-pocket media.

To say that a group is “in disarray” with no real qualification has to be taken as relative to something. It’s at least arguably true, but there’s always a certain amount of disorder in a human group. The left wing of the Democratic party and the various fellow travelers are not in any disorder that is apt to trouble Bernie Sanders more than the corporatist party that is trying to re-consolidate after so much of its sleazy operations were revealed in 2016.

Since 1932 and the 4 terms of Franklin Roosevelt, the Democratic Party has in large measure built itself on the hopes of labor and other more or less disenfranchised people. From the 1960s, it jettisoned much of its racist past and the one-time “solid Democratic South” when George Wallace and his supporters left in '68 and went Republican in '72. From 1992 and Bill Clinton, the party moved progressively towards an internationalist neoliberal corporatist oligarchy, all the while echoing falsehoods about its supposed egalitarianism.

The left is in disarray in that we differ over how completely to abandon the business of voting for Democratic candidates who offer zero support for policies or positions of interest to us and who appear mired again again in intense and vicious corruption around wars and coups and bribes.

The case would be obvious except that the Republicans offer no representation either, and the other parties who more closely represent the policies favored by a large segment of the population win few elections and are regularly cold-shouldered by the media–as Sanaito rightly criticizes. Those for whom the Democratic Party appeared a practical real-world vehicle for humane and egalitarian options are in disarray in the sense that we find no one to represent us.

We are in part also in disarray in that we are deeply split over whether or not to trust Bernie Sanders. But that’s no good news for the corporatist DNC. The reason that many of us distrust Sanders is his support for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The reason for the confusion is that the Democratic Party has failed to remain the party of FDR or JFK or even LBJ, failed to remain the party of unions and labor, failed to remain the party that worked with the civil rights movement (to the extent that it did), failed to remain the party that to some small extent resisted Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon and HUAC, failed to remain a party of free speech even to the small extent that it had been, failed its more humane and egalitarian elements–a good part of its voting base.

There is no reason to doubt that the failure of the party is a success for many of its elements: it did not happen accidentally, and the party has with for a long time with pretty good success courted the votes of people it did not represent. More than a couple careers have been involved in that. But it’s ultimately a failed strategy for the institutions, whatever successes individual politicians may extract from it. There’s actually a cost to lying to people forever, and the core of chaos in the party is neither absent nor Bernie Sanders.


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Hey bloozer,
I hear where your coming from. I, too, feel betrayed by Bernie but just slightly. I understand he was playing to the only 2 choices crowd, but it wasn’t going to help, since the 5 states she lost, she was unable to turn out the base that had elected the sell-out Obama. After giving Bernie way more discretionary money than I had, and him not striking out with the new 3rd party, or accepting the offer to lead an already growing army and switching to the Green party, you bet I felt a bit betrayed. However, if I read you right, you don’t blame Bernie for the destruction of the Democratic party, and neither do I. I do fault him for not leading a 3rd party to counter Democrats, who would benefit from continued cooperation from him in the Senate, and ensure they are at least reminded of their higher ideals.

While I find it personally disturbing to support the flawed Democratic party, I will reluctantly do so if the alternative is a repuglican. For both will continue with our present affliction, only the GOP will race to embrace their corporate masters, the Dems like the money and come along as reluctant whores-for-money who don’t have any good ideas for improving our lot, only for robbing as much as they can get.

Refuse to rise to the bait of these " unsourced " hitmen for the status quo. Politico is the tool of The Washington Consensus/Uniparty. And, they’re getting hit from all sides, currently ( Social Democrats solidifying on the left and Proto-Fascists/White Nationalists on the right ).
If the Uniparty wasn’t nervous about a left/progressive/center realignment, in that D-Party hierarchal order, they wouldn’t be drygulching and backshooting like this.
The Clintonistas are especially jittery, since Obamabots can fall back on a Rainbow Coalition Lite 2.0 strategy, if necessary ( they’re demographics are better ). The Clintonistas are too tied to the past, they’re upper crust 10-15% constituency is shrinking drastically.
Just like the country they created through triangulation and a Slick Willieness that rivals the work of The Trumpster Dumpster.

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I often don’t agree with Indivisible’s candidate choices, so I for one, won’t be joining them or looking to them for information. They look a little too much to me like the Democratic establishment pretending to be progressive.