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The Family Behind the Iran Is Great Van: 'What Happened to Us Was Serendipity'


The Family Behind the Iran Is Great Van: 'What Happened to Us Was Serendipity'

Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Guardian

At 1pm on Monday, a family van parked outside the Science Museum in central London. Within two hours, as the family of four including eight-year-old Lucas and his younger sister Emilea returned from the nearby Natural History Museum, they found their windows had been smashed.


I hope that family can find a good law firm to sue the police for vandalism. None of their “had to” actions was justified. The police could easily have asked the museum people to make an announcement over the public address system of the museum, asking for whoever parked a van in front of the museum to please visit the front desk. The matter could have then been resolved without vandalism.


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Unfortunately, that is not the way things are done in England or amerika now a days! You are guilty until, you can prove yourself innocent! Every law passed in amerika since 9/11/2001 having to do with terrorism, has been written asto garner a conviction against whomsoever is charged! As George Carlin use to say; Commie, Pinko, Fag! It’s hard fighting three things at once! That is today’s amerika and England in a nut shell!


Also, the “authorities” might have gone to the web site promoted on the van. Would have taken a minute. It explains precisely what the campaign is about.

Plus, seriously: Do the “authorities” believe that the new thing for car-bombers is to emblazon sharply-colored giant-lettered inflammatory rhetoric on the sides of their vehicles, to call as much attention as possible to what they are doing before they do it?

These cops sure don’t look very intelligent.


You are quite right. Like most of the sheeple the police in AmeriKKKa and UK have been completely brainwashed to the level of becoming zombies.


Of course they assumed that it was loaded with enough explosives to send the entire block into the stratosphere. It is a cultural awareness that after what, more than a century of brutal and oppressive colonialism, that all their former victims hate them and wish to see their destruction.

Note to would-be jihadists: you don’t really even need bombs. Someone should put a bumper sticker on the PM’s limo that says “I :heart_eyes: Allah”

Seriously though, how did the owner of the van not know that it was British intransigence that led to the seminal event in the Middle East - the UK/US coup against Iranian nationalism and their fledgling democracy? The spooks and bobbies of merry old England certainly have not forgotten, and they will sue the van owner for the costs of all this municipal mayhem.


If you think too much or too long some kid in Cleveland might put your eye out with an air pistol.


I believe it was an airsoft" rubber-pellet pistol - too little power to even do much injury to an eye.