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The Far Right's War on the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/21/far-rights-war-world


Yet another educative, well-researched and analyzed, in-depth piece from TomDispatch - here embedding the US’s right trend within historically modern, worldwide, right wing ideologies of xenophobia and nationalism.

In Feffer’s view, the two greater material causes of the resurgence of right movements and ideas are liberal abandonment of its working class base and economic insecurity caused by globalization.

I agree - would only add that a globalization-related, shrunken industrial working class base in industrialized countries a) weakened the union-led ‘class consciousness’ of that base, and b) in the absence of politically-hooked-in unions, fostered the right wing choices of now-more-financially-insecure-and-ideologically-rudderless citizens.


This is an excellent article by Mr. Feffer; one that should be read by everyone, in order to regain a much-needed sense of perspective in terms of what is truly important on a universal scale. Climate change amelioration and adaptation must quickly become our overriding priority. If not, then nothing else will ultimately matter much one way or another.

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