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The Fast Track Fight Begins In The Senate


The Fast Track Fight Begins In The Senate

Dave Johnson

The final fight to stop fast track begins this week. The new trade promotion authority (“fast track”) bill could be released in the Senate at any moment. (It might be out by the time you read this.)

Hatch and Wyden Poised to Introduce Bill


The media has not been completely ignoring fast track and TPP.

Last week NPR interviewed Valerie Jarrett (one of Obama’s senior advisors) who zealously praised fast track and TPP, and parroted Obama’s red herring: “if we don’t write the rules, China will”.


No longer and big difference between the two powers is there? At least China does take down an occasion dishonest elite that does harm to China.


Yeah, and as we well know, the rules have already been written - not by China nor the “US”, but by the plutocrats.


What is the US Congress better at than abandoning its responsibility, like refusing to retain its Constitutional mandate to deliberate and declare war, like passing budgets for no more than two years, like on the one hand giving the power drunk Administration total license to wage war without explanation and on the other, after having long ago abandoned its responsibilities on foreign agreements, whining about not having the authority it repeatedly and chronically abandons?


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I’m thrilled that so many people are against the TPP Fast Track and free trade deals in general. But it’s disconcerting that the majority opposition appears to rest solely on the job-crushing aspects of this free trade deal, because the TPP is so much more than that. Only five of the 29 chapters deal with trade itself, begging the question: What’s in the other 24 chapters and why is all of this so secret? Trading away our jobs is bad enough, but this deal trades away our sovereignty as a nation, which is as bad as it gets. For good or bad, our courts should decide matters, not some international tribunal of corporate lawyers paid by transnational corporations to protect unearned future profits.

The good news is that opposition stopped TPP fast track in the last Congress and can do it in this Congress. So please act to oppose fast track, or Trade Promotion Authority as it is known inside the beltway. If you already have taken action, be prepared to do it again when the bill hits the floor. Congress does little, and they don’t do it well, but they are very good at counting votes! They react when they hear an uproar, so let’s give 'em one!