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The Fast-Track Fight Is Effectively Over: It’s Happening


The Fast-Track Fight Is Effectively Over: It’s Happening

George Zornick

The Senate narrowly invoked cloture on fast-track trade legislation Tuesday morning, setting up a final vote Wednesday that will surely send the bill to President Obama’s desk for his signature.


Apparently, when I called my state Rep. to complain about this traitorous trade plan my phone number got logged into a system. Two nights ago the phone rang and the Rep. asked me to participate in a “town hall” meeting by phone (conference call). I stayed on the line. I didn’t know how to pose a question, but luckily, someone who did brought up the TPP and Fast Track. Although this rep. is a proud Conservative/Republican I was surprised to hear him say that he’s against this trade pact. He even said, “Look what NAFTA did to U.S. jobs.”

Needless to say, there were other things I did not agree with; however, if Ted Yoho stays true to what he said, then he would vote against TPP. He also viewed it as “Obama’s trade pact.” As is plain to see, Bush’s War became Obama’s war, and Bush’s bank bailout became a continuous policy. Needless to say, the same will hold for this plutocratic chokehold on nations’ rights. Oh, and Mr. Yoho understood THAT, too! He said something about the sovereignty of nations and their laws being compromised by these sorts of trade agreements. Again, I was pretty surprised to hear that from him.


Congress has now abdicated its trade responsibilities along with those for war, which W. (and predecessors) grabbed. The framers of the Constitution knew the instincts of government and put specific checks on executive authority. As these checks erode, we get the government the framers feared rather than the one for which they hoped. What type of government? “It’s a Republic, if you can keep it.”–Ben Franklin


“We were really pleased to see President Obama pursue an idea we’ve long believed in,” said McConnell, R-Ky. “We thank him for his efforts to help us pass a bill to advance it.”

“Hands off the man, flim flam man.
He’s the one in the Trojan horse making out like he’s Santa Claus.
Oh lord, the man’s a fraud, he’s a flim flam man. He’s a fox, he’s a flim flam man.”

Dedicated to the Troika: McConnell, Obama, and Boehner.