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The Fatal Flaw in Kamala Harris’ Health Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/30/fatal-flaw-kamala-harris-health-plan


The TEN-YEAR roll-out is absurd on its face, and it serves the same function as the four-year roll-out of ObaminableCare : It blocks any substantial change for the roll-out period. Any complaints about the program during that time and for several years more will elicit the same response - ‘Wait until it’s fully implemented, and then we can look at tweaking it.’

Do you remember all of those ‘progressives’ who told us to support ObaminableCare as a first step that we could improve and build on? How many improvements have we seen since the ObaminableCare roll-out was completed 5 years ago?


"Medicare-For-All Or Bust!"

Stick a fork in Kamala Harris. She’s done.


With her health plan it seems likely.


Harris’s plan would lock the for-profit health care insurance companies into the US health care system for another 15 years; assuming that it’s enacted in 2021, that means until 2036. Starting with the Hillarycare disaster of 1993, the corporate Democrats will have given us 43 years of insurance company predation.

No to Harris, yes to Bernie and the Greens!


“By raising unfounded concerns about her own plan, Harris is opening the door for precisely the kind of gamesmanship and political corruption the health industry specializes in.”

That is the intention of the plan. Harris works for the oligarchy and if elected will serve them well.


That’s an appropriate phrase–I like it (but not the concept it represents.)

People have been using the phrase “predatory lending” for a while, now let’s start using the phrase “predatory insurance.”


I spent a while in the insurance industry decades ago. It’s not that I am any special expert, but I did get to see an insurance company go over its files to see whom it could avoid paying out to. The standard is very simple. It is not, “We owe this” or “We don’t owe that.” It is “We can win this one” and “We probably cannot win that one.”

The people I worked with were fairly nice kids who seemed extensively oblivious to the results of their actions.

That leaves Harris’ ostensible ideas here with a problem to the Romney-Obama fandango. Just because someone calls it a healthcare plan does not mean that anyone involved plans to care for anyone’s health. Lots of rules means lots of loopholes that lawyers can take advantage of and desperately ill and disabled people mostly cannot. There is more “We can win this one” and very little “We may lose this in court.”

This is the nature of this corner of the monetary ecosystem. Any private or for-profit system pits a large and profit-driven corporation with deep pockets against people who are sick or injured, suddenly indebted, and essentially helpless. The only reasonable answer is a large nonprofit system, whether this is or is not funded or run by the feds or any other branch of government.


Let’s get right down to it and call the Harris plan the death sentence for thousands that it is with its ten year transition period (and ten years is a best case scenario). The one good thing, though, about keeping predatory insurance companies in the game and feeding off the masses is that Nancy and maybe even Mitch will like it.


Your last paragraph sounds like a description of the PIC ( Prison Industrial Complex ). Sounds like that’s right up Sen. Harris and her allies, alley.
Which is where the poor and weak, mentality.ill, etc. will be dumped by the Insurance Companies.
You can almost smell the cat piss and garbage right now. Just close your eyes and imagine.


The fatal flaw in her plan is the corporate interests that wrote it and the spin merchants that would sell the pile of garbage to the peasants. It isn’t a serious plan, it shouldn’t be taken seriously, even if the “serious” people on TV and the like say otherwise.


Whatever health coverage Congress has, that’s the one I want! Gopherit


“Kamala Harris’ plan is …too trusting of the predatory private sector.”

And how is your plan not too trusting of a runaway corporate government? How can we trust a government that says Roundup is wonderful, along with GMO Frankenfood, Bovine Growth Hormone, mecury in vaccines/teeth…? Now they are rolling out 5G that in a Congressional hearing Senator Blumenthal in February got the telecom reps to admit they have done zero health testing of microwave radiation. There have been decades of suppression by the government/pharma/medical industrial complex of much cheaper and often more effective natural health treatments. What is it going to take change for us to trust such a compromised government?

Can we even have a healthier health care system while this government is so corrupt and compromised by big money? How do you propose to keep big money from messing up true health care such as they are doing ongoing? Sure, taking the insurance companies 5,000 miles out to sea and dumping the whole works is a good start but what is your plan to stop monopoly medicine?

And I have to say it again, I will not support any health care system that does not give the right of any citizen to 100% reject any medical care they do not want! A patient Bill Of Rights needs to be incorporated into any new health care system. Gopherit

Without having an extraordinary event(s) in American society; none of these healthcare proposals will ever be passed completely. Even with a ‘great recession’ you are never going to have the healthcare we all want unless you have campaign financing reforms with no dark money etc. So if ‘Medicare for All’ is going to allow the scaremongers to possibly allow Trump to be re-elected and the Repubs to still have the Senate; why wouldn’t you want a compromised plan like Kamala’s if it allows the Dems to win. After they win; then revise, amend and get on the way to ‘Medicare for All’. After all Obama couldn’t get a public option because Lieberman wouldn’t be the 60th Senator to pass it and the Dems were in the majority in the Senate. Yes I hate triangulation but when the stakes are so high-Supreme Court 6-3 or 7-2 extreme right wing for thirty years plus, guaranteed authoritarianism etc; then the Kamala plan which allows for private insurance in addition to Medicare is worth it if it has a greater chance of helping the Dems win the election.

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Excuse me, we non-repukkkes can’t live non-stop under premises of fear of how and what will trump-pence cultists scare the Americans about! If Sanders’s plan is more scary to those Americans than what repukkkes take away from those Americans, maybe, then, and I’m saying this with the extreme sadness, it’s going to have to get much worse for more of those Americans until they realize what they should have done much earlier! maybe that is a curse of being such an American that just can’t be averted until … it gets at very long last finally into the cognitive-processing-understanding brain cells of those Americans…
ONTopic, oh, I got her i.e. Kamala’s long email that I read carefully two nights ago in which she was explaining this very thing. Having read it, for the same reasons Mr. Richard Eskow exposes here now, I understood exactly so when I read her email, and I replied to her twice with urgent delivery, copy paste - I still think Sanders’s plan is better,
Dear Mrs. Kamala Harris, of course that I appreciate your too long too overdue care for more human healthcare in America, but I still think Sanders’s plan is better and more human. I don’t think it hits middle class too hard, but it hits wall street as it should. Bernie’s plan is original Medicare For All, no more no less. So, please, I’d rather You support Bernie’s plan! It’s too long too overdue!
Thank You
Sincerely, Vel


PS. If you have these kind of arguments over ‘Medicare For All’ among Dems; you can imagine what would happen in a general election tearing apart ‘Medicare For All’ with Trump’s billion dollar campaign ad budget and the insurance companies in cahoots with his campaign. FDR would have never got a New Deal without the Great Depression making the country and corporate interests desperate for capitalism to still be the system. The National Health Service here in England was not established until after World War II. And there is a private insurance availability which allows one to see a doctor sooner for elective surgery and the French system has private insurance elements. Both countries have strict campaign laws for campaign donations and budget limitations plus free media and much shorter campaigns. All of this is mute unless Dems get into office and unify the world to avert climate extinction which is virtually guaranteed to lock in two degrees now and 140 million climate migrants, worldwide food shortages, worldwide economic dislocation and more within 20-30 years.

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Every kind of evil from trump-pence regime - is not surprising to me. What is surprising to me is the amounts of lack of knowledge, wisdom and logical thinking among average Americans, no pun intended. The third decade of 21st century shouldn’t be brought down to same as first half or middle of last century/last millennium, admittedly. Of course, nobody should force Medicare-For-All to those who simply don’t want it! Those who don’t want it are free to do with their lives and healths whatever they want (for as long as they don’t hurt us the others, of course). But, such mustn’t have control nor rule over our others’ lives and healths who want Sanders’s Medicare For All!

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Those Donations/Bribes from the Health Care Industry do wonders to slant politicians toward the Private Sector.

Kamala, obviously you do not have any Humane thoughts about covering everyone. Its called MEDICARE FOR ALL.

Your Discombobulated Patch Work for Health Care was clearly designed by the Private Insurance Industry.


Exactly why in my view, Harris will be selected by the DNC as Biden’s V.P.


I personally believe it will be the opposite but we will see.