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The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms


The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms

Glenn Greenwald

Abuse and torture is all a factory-farmed pig knows.

DxE photograph depicting piglets huddled up against their mothers at Smithfield-owned Circle Four Farm in Utah. DxE says the piglets were sick or starving


OMG! I nearly lost my lunch! This topic is so horrendous, I hardly want to even acknowledge that it is happening right now across America. If I think about it too long, it makes me want to do something…but I better not say what, or the Internet police will…??? I can’t stand it. Factory farm owners are criminals!


Exactly why I don’t eat pork, ever. I don’t eat chicken (my body can’t tolerate it), and beef rarely. Factory farms are a crime any way you look at it.


Yeah, and Smithfield farms is a 7.1 billion dollar industry with 460 of these farms. Being purchased by the Chinese because they have a growing need for more pork. How do say what you must be feeling. Sick.


This is no way to treat Mother Earth or it’s inhabitants. Giving birth in a male dominated society is exploitation at many levels. How cruel.


Hideous! How can people of conscience do this for a livelihood? How can people with any compassion choose to eat meat?

This article needs to be printed and posted in every supermarket.

I’ll be doing so!


Be careful! They will treat you as a Domestic Terrorist, of some other phony B.S.

America: Anything for a buck! Reminds me of the movie, “The Magic Christian”.


Doesn’t the FBI have more pressing issues to attend to. Sheesh! This stuff is beyond stupid!

Boycott Smithfield!


About 35 years ago I stopped eating meat and poultry when I learned about the inhumane treatment of life in these “farms”. Prior to that time I had no idea that such horrible treatment of animals was occurring, I had never thought about it. Now very occasionally I will briefly have moments where I might crave liver and onions, or pan fried fish. It is difficult to change one’s diet. It has been said that it is more difficult than changing one’s religion. Having attempted both I tend to agree, it takes a lot of time and effort to properly learn to prepare and eat a vegetarian diet.


If the law were changed so that only females and corporations could own shares in corporations, and no other changes were made — would that make a significant difference? Or is the exploitation inherent in the corporate structures as they have evolved and function and get used? Would the exploitation still persist with solely female and corporate ownership? Is the exploitation more inherent in the gender of the owners or in the current structures of the corporate organization?


This is how I am seeing it. Females have been subjugated for a very long time, matriarchal societies destroyed and replaced by a dominate gender, male. This creates a host of social ills but I won’t go into specifics, unbalanced decision making being most obvious. Corporations have strayed from their original charter which was to do something collectively that one individual could not do alone and for the public good. They were usually short term projects and ended. Not what we have today and certainly not with more rights than the people that give them their charters. This example of the piglets is just how far that has gone wrong. Having female ownership would change how things are done but it takes more than that to achieve parity. It goes along way in how you see the world you live in. It is animal slavery and just female animals, the males are killed. I guess ask yourself who gives permission to have that relationship and extend it beyond this issue. If you don’t see it, it is because you don’t look or maybe don’t understand. It is just a pork chop to a lot of people and they never get the connection because it is not in their immediate environment and that is intentional. It is pervasive in our culture.


Also, some stores don’t sell this type of food so you have to check for that. Where I shop they mostly sell locally sourced organic but they do sell meat. I think you should get permission and have a dialog with the people that enable this. Even if they say no, they have to think about it, that and let them know you won’t buy it and more people will follow that example. Cheers to you. Thank you.


The boycott only works if the story is out there so it drives the boycott in the right direction or the right outcome. The odds of any responsible government intervention is slim.


This happens because corporations have the 1st amendment right to not speak (they cannot be made to reveal what they do not wish to reveal), and the 4th amendment right against search and seizure (prevents unscheduled inspections and rigid regulation).

Rather than, or along with, persuading this society to give up meat, ensuring the humane treatment of animals by stripping corporations of rights intended for human beings and establishing rights of nature will effectively shut down these kinds of cruel and despicable money-making practices.


Basic answer, NO. Women are not moral high ground saviors. Not before and not ever. Nor are men low and destroyers. That behavior is not about gender. Women can be just as corrupt and vicious as men. Or as good. I’ve seen enough of each close up and you can also raid history to find the same. The position of advantage, of being in charge, probably has more to do with it than anything. (reference the Phiip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison experiment) For that matter just being in a grouping which is being held down or mistreated doesn’t mean that raising a member of that group into the ruling classes or ruling position will magically make “bad” go away. Too bad. That is opportunistic behavior not necessarily related to morals.


There are certain amino acids that can only be gotten from animal flesh. I think the human body needs those amino acids. That being said, I also think we could do with a lot less meat then is presently consumed. Factory farms need to be done away with–absolutely! Organic, outdoor farms (like in the old days) should be maintained and the animals treated humanely. Poultry and bison could be raised locally, and every member of a food co-op could share in the care and raising of these animals. When the time comes for them to be killed, it should be done respectfully and pain and stress free.

I used to think that hunting was so terrible. Then I read about all the disease and over population of deer in certain areas where hunting was not allowed. It became clear that culling an over populated area of deer, would allow the rest to have the limited natural resources they need and prevent starvation of the entire herd. Of course, that brings to mind the fact that most natural predators of those deer have been eliminated in the environment, i.e., wolves. Totally disagree with this. Wolves and other small predators are necessary for a balanced eco system.

So, it’s six of this, half dozen of the other…If you have been a strict vegetarian for 35 years, I have to ask, are you healthy? I tried going totally vegetarian, but actually, I couldn’t afford all the ingredients necessary to make interesting palatable veggie meals–all the time. Now, I eat very little chicken, fish once a week, and next to zero red meat. I eat a lot of eggs and cheese tho. I try to have meatless meals several times a week–which is difficult, because I cannot tolerate beans very well, and always get a terrible stomach ache after eating them…and yes, even after trying all the different ways to fix beans that reduce gas.

So, I think moderation and respect are what we need to learn in our attempts to improve animal husbandry.


paularae –

“Am I healthy?” Yes, reasonably so. I look about ten years younger than my age, am quite flexible, a ten mile walk is pleasant. There is much information out there on how to eat healthily, although much of the information is of varying quality and some is from vested interests. I commend your efforts to go to a more vegetarian diet. It is not easy, but the best way to do so is to do it gradually.

I seldom get gas from beans when I soak them before cooking and discard the water, then soak again and discard the water a second time before cooking the beans with fresh water. If you have not yet tried it you might try tempeh. Tempeh is a fermented soyabean cake, and the fermentation may make it easier for your system to digest.

There is no “one size fits all” diet because our bodies have different needs. If one needs to eat meat to survive then one eats meat, and I will not criticize that because I can understand the necessity. What I would criticize is to eat significantly more meat than one needs to survive as doing so is disrespectful to the lives that were taken, and because the production of meat requires considerably more resources from the Earth than the production of vegetables.


I quit eating meat a long time ago, when I was very young and started practicing yoga and have to say it was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Folks: It is not only meat but most corporate food, because most corporate food is designed for corporate profits and is full of chemicals that enhances shelf life.

Like most corporate news mentally, rots your brain; most corporate foods physically, rots your whole body!


fern –

I agree with you that having female ownership would change how things are done, but I am not convinced that the gender change in ownership would by itself end the evils of the factory farms. As I see it part of the problem is caused by allowing corporations to own other corporations because the owned corporation becomes the corporate equivalent of a slave, with little purpose other than to make money and somehow increase the advantage to its corporate owner. The corporate owned corporation becomes abstracted to a profit-loss equation, and its management’s purpose tends to solely focus on maximizing the profit (and filling their pockets). Decency and humanity can subtract from profits.

I agree that having female ownership could change how things are done. Gender based behavior differences do exist and some difference can be expected. Based on statistics there would seem to be little advantage to restricting the ownership of automatic weapons from females as there are little to no examples of females using them on shooting rampages. It might even be argued that based on statistics of the events in the USA we only need to restrict ownership of automatic weapons to white males. Is there something biologically unique about white American males that contributes to the problem? or is it a cultural problem in the USA that will likely show up in different forms in the future.


If you are not willing to kill your meat, then you shouldn’t be eating meat. There is no excuse for letting someone else do your dirty work for you.