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The FCC Chairman Is Under Investigation


The FCC Chairman Is Under Investigation

Candace Clement

That’s right: Pai is so sketchy that his own agency has launched an investigation against him.


“…If that weren’t enough, this deal is straight up against the law. It would violate a congressional mandate that says that one company can’t reach more than 39 percent of households nationwide…”

Okay. So why isn’t Congress investigating?

Oh, never mind.


Man, would I love to see that sophomoric arrogant ass Ejit Pie hung by his fuckin heels!


You forgot to mention he was originally an Obama appointee.


Right. The Democrats have much more in common with Republicans than they do not.


Hung by his “short hairs” would be more appropriate.

I’d like to hear him scream.

And, isn’t his name, Idjit?


Yet more proof that Obama is more than just a little bit responsible for the fix we find ourselves in now; i.e.: if Obama had been a better president Trump wouldn’t be in there now!


As long as he suffers appropriately PB. His given name is Ajit, but i prefer to use the Irish, English, Scots slang term ejit or eejit, sounding like and meaning “idiot” or fool - “Gobshite” also works fine for me although less relevant to his name…