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The FCC Must Protect the Open Internet — Millions of Americans Agree


The FCC Must Protect the Open Internet — Millions of Americans Agree

Michael Copps, Gloria Tristani

Since its creation, the internet has operated under a simple principle: All traffic, regardless of its content, should be treated equally.

It’s this idea that allowed the internet to change the world, the way we communicate, and the way we do business.


Thank YOU Michael Copps and Gloria Tristani-
Yes, By correctly classifying internet service providers as common carriers, this issue should be put to rest- It seems like every other year these ISP's are out to cage the internet for their own private greed- They need to be stopped and I for one will write A dissent on the website provided in the article!
Mr. Michael Copps, I especially want you to know my appreciation for your years of faithful service to the American people and the internet....


My short but sweet petition:
Brief Comments: I would very much like to express my concerns regarding Mr. Pais attempt at handing over our internet to the ISP providers-
This is unspeakable- This would not have even become an issue with Mr. Copps at the helm of the FCC-
The internet needs to remain A "COMMON CARRIER" and these attempts at destroying NET NEUTRALITY need to be nipped in the bud!!!
The Internet must remain A common carrier, free for all users and NOT given to the Service providers to lmit internet speeds at their whim-
Again, I strongly believe that the Internet needs to remain free, open and neutral, as A common carrier for all users, regardless of race, class and opinion- It would be un American to do otherwise!
I certainly hope that others here on this site plan on writing the FCC also....


Sadly if there is anything you can say about this administration is that they don't care about what millions of Americans want. I wish the protest tomorrow the best of luck but I am really not hopeful that it will change the mind of that shit Pai.