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The FCC's Order Is Out, We've Read It, and Here's What You Need to Know

The FCC's Order Is Out, We've Read It, and Here's What You Need to Know

Matt Wood, Gaurav Laroia

It will end net neutrality and break the internet.

net neutrality protest

“Unless We Stop It, This FCC Order Will End Net Neutrality and Break the Internet [for Americans]
There, fixed it for you.

/some countries are still civilized, eh.

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They only care about “Returns on Investment”, i.e. more profits. The 90% is just supposed to just bend over and take it. Over and over and over.

Got along without it before I had it, gonna get along without it now.
Not to mention it won’t be worth having.

Sites like Commondreams.com will be affected as Verizon will slow the broadband down for ‘unapproved sites’ while suggesting to us that we can get the ‘same news’ quicker and cheaper if we just use approved sites like FOX or NBC. Eventually it will be next to impossible to access any site that doesn’t have corporate approval.
If Pai’s plan is passed, then this will be a clarion call for all Americans to socialize the internet and dismantle companies like Verizon and Comcast once and for all. As we have all learned in the past, what is good for corporate America is bad for the 99%. Everyone in the U.S. should have free and unlimited internet access paid for by a corporate tax on military industries, Big Oil and Big Pharma. Naturally when ever someone brings up the idea of shared expenses or universal anything, corporate America will immediately label it as dangerous, socialist and the beginning of the end for the poor and the middle class. At that point the public will be told that Verizon and Comcast are actually our real friends and that they lose money just to help out all of us in bringing us the real news that we crave for that is free of liberal bias.
This is a very dangerous route the FCC is going down, but it is one of those things that most people won’t be aware of the damage until after the regulations start to take effect. These are the types of regulations that put on display the absence of a democracy here in the U.S. while cementing a steady stream of propaganda for years into the future.


I am not convinced that they only care about “Returns on Investment”. I suspect that there is some interest in controlling the content of the net so that certain ideas are not discussed and spread.

Part of the FCC’s order will be rolled back, but once the changes have been made they will have much money and the best of lawyers to delay and slow down any changes that the governing structures will try to make in the future.


With this I agree-
The moneyed oligarchs are driven in their desire to have it all and talk of socialism and fair play for workers, social programs, resistence etc. runs contrary to their goals- I suspect the Deep State is keenly aware of this and ready and willing to assist the Oligarchy and fascists…The alleged Russian influence on our elections situation with the internet only further plays into this-

The 2018 and 2020 elections will be further swayed for the Republicans also- I can imagine the Koch brothers with A huge sigh of relief- Can you imagine voicing concern about the TPP Trade deals without free internet or Common Dreams?

We have all witnessed and been told for years how Globalization and One World Government would play out- I hope I am wrong!


The Common Dreams bloggers who are always arguing that the two major parties are the same . .

seem sorta quiet today.


The two major parties have got a “good cop - bad cop” type of routine going on. Neither of them spends much time or effort to actually represent our interests although both will pretend to do so. The “bad cop” is removing internet protections. Both cops support Empire and war. The “good cop” appointed Ajit Pai to be the Federal Communications Commission Chairman. The “bad cop” is cutting taxes and defunding more social programs. The “good cop” rescued the financial industry. The “good cop” is helping to create a smoke screen of gender outrage and Russia, Russia, Russia that is fairly effective in distracting us from what the “bad cop” is doing. I do not see your point.


How are “we” supposed to stop it? The whole idea is to keep the kinds of opposing points of view that one gets on this site, Counterpunch, Truthdig, In These Times, Truthout and other sites chllenging the criminal elites and putting the kibosh on the kinds of ides that stand a chance of leaking out into mainstream minds.

I was simply commenting on the headline, pointing out that “American ISPs’ offerings to Americans” ≠ “The Internet”.

While the US is steadfastly pursuing its long tradition of sacrificing democracy and society to the interests of corporations and of oligarchs, other countries are pushing back in some cases.

There was another headline elsewhere on Common Dreams - “Democracy at Risk in These Perilous and Trumpian Times” - which also caused me to grit my teeth, but I let it pass. I try to limit my pointing out that “USA ≠ The World” to once a day.