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The Feudalism of Facebook: New Pay-to-Play News Feed as Indy Media Killer


The Feudalism of Facebook: New Pay-to-Play News Feed as Indy Media Killer

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The Facebook empire of 1.4 billion users just conquered new territory, unrolling a "partnership" to host articles from some of the most well-known news outlets in the world, in a development that critics warn poses a direct threat to independent media outlets—and the future of the Internet.


This new Facebook Empire is merely one piece of the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire’s media/propaganda sector — which is only one of the Empire’s six-sectors; corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda, extra-legal, and the most dangerous disguise, Empire’s sixth-sector, the dual-party Vichy-political facade of both the neocon ‘R’ Vichy Party’s political puppets, and the neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party’s slicker political whores.


Perhaps the FCC’s surprise decision in favor of net neutrality, simply demonstrates their conclusion that corporations are in the process of rolling out programs that will make net neutrality meaningless.


I don’t do Facebook, never have and now have yet another reason not ever to.


on come the fb bashers, and most deservedly so. other than the time-sucking social media site’s ability of loading news articles “ten times faster,” so it claims (and who gave it that ability??), one has to wonder why nat geo, the atlantic and bbc news would really want to crawl in bed with zuckerberg. what happens when the next consumption cylce, combined with america’s exceptional ability of influencing global trends, involves something other than cell phones for retrieving the news? screw zuckerberg. this new deal has the same smell of the time warner/aol shenanigans of years past. massive wealth transfers, ultimately paid for by those dependent on the art of consumption.


Stop using Faecbook. Stop making excuses. Close your account. We all grew up without it, the world will continue spinning. People only rely on it because everyone relies on it. Stop relying on it and you free others to stop relying on it.

Facebook is bad. We all realize this. Why are so many of us still using it?

Turn it off.


Yet another too-big-to-fail corporation; just what we need.
As someone else observed, we lived without FB, we can continue to do so.
Just like we lived without SUV’s and “mini”-vans.
Bottom line: Don’t like FB? Don’t like SUV’s?
Too effing bad - we’ll just keep doing whatever the hell we like.
Sieg heil.


Meanwhile, why did the Naomi Klein generation let the original Indymedia - born in the heady days of Seattle’s Teamsters and Turtles, when another world still seemed possible - collapse to extinction?


120 years ago, we all lived without domestic electricity. Gas light and telegraphs, that’s the way to go. I have a computer and a flip phone, which sometimes I remember to turn on. Am thoroughly bored by Facebook, but can’t quite manage to turn it off. I’m on a bunch of lists that operate through Facebook.


I assume you can access Facebook via the Snowden-approved Tor browser - although once you enter your Facebook login so you can comment on the organization’s facebook page, your anonymity is gone anyway.


Speaking for myself dept- limiting internet usage-books are my joy


Everybody wants to be the gatekeeper and “create reality” as GWB’s Turdblossom used to say.

I’m quite sure that CIA’s Operation Mockingbird has hedged their bets on both sides of the fence. I understand why the worthless MSM is nervous about this deal: They’ve been reporting zero important news for over 100 years, and facebook might give priority to internet causes, which MSM hates since it killed all their subscription money.

If facebook gets control of MSM, I won’t miss them a bit. Personally, I won’t look at either one.

MSM (Mainstream Media)


Facebook is getting too cocky and arrogant. A well times new concept and FB becomes the next Myspace in no time. Just wait and see. Serious activists/repeacers are depending still on it but nothing is guaranteed.


Obama’s TPP and TTIP will make most progressive regulation including “net neutrality meaningless”.


Too big to fail, indeed.

Prior to Obama, the last president to make an appearance in Menlo Park CA (Facebook headquarters) was Herbert Hoover 85 years ago.

Hoover made a public campaign appearance.

Although Obama never makes public appearances there, he makes regular $1,000 (or more) per head fundraising appearances there.


This is my point friend. We shouldn’t be running lists through facebook. We should be using email for that, or open source social media platforms like Diaspora.

As long as we continue using Facebook, Facebook continues to be essential. As soon as we realize we don’t need it, we won’t.

I don’t get how people can be upset about NSA spying and whatnot and continue to willfully provide information to and open their networks to the companies that provide so much of the information to the NSA in the first place.


The power of Fecebook controlling content with the tendency of the Sheeple to run in herds, I suspect we’ll have a Fecebook executive running the nation in about 4 more years.


Yeah, mostly I use email. I rarely post anything on Facebook-and never anything with any serious content. I got a little narcisistic pop out of it when I first signed up for it, but that died out pretty fast. Occasionally, I like to check up on old girlfriends, who are now just “friends”. Time to turn on the gas light.


Facebook is a socially transmitted disease. Why encourage it with your participation?


" New Pay-to-Play News Feed as Indy Media Killer"

I looked thru the related links and nowhere does it say it’s “pay to play”. Apparently FB will create a portal where articles from several news and science outlets will be posted (kinda like here on CD). To keep up with the costs FB will display ads that are paid by the advertiser and probably cover the cost of the portal.

If users wanna go directly to the publishers web sites they can do so. Not sure where the problem is. You get free content either way, even tho i think some NYT articles are behind a pay wall.