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The Feuding Kleptocrats


The Feuding Kleptocrats

Chris Hedges

The Trump kleptocrats are political arsonists. They are carting cans of gasoline into government agencies and Congress to burn down any structure or program that promotes the common good and impedes corporate profit.


"...Trump's appointees are eating away the foundations of Democratic Institutions like Gigantic Termites. And there is no force inside Government that can stop them."

Our Government is Illegitimate.

Our "Leaders" (read : Charter Members of the Duopoly) are Illegitimate.

People who, lately, get Airports and Aircraft Carriers named after them, are Illegitimate.

Today's US Political Power Families are provably Illegitimate.

Our Needs and Rights as Human Beings ARE Legitimate.

During WWII the Axis found out what an Energized, Committed and Focused American Public can do when they must.

We, today, are still every bit as Formidable, and it is rapidly becoming Clearer, and Clearer, who our enemies truly are.


Absolutely, our goal must be to get rid of the kleptocrats, but it must be expanded to include getting rid of the corrupt system that continues to produce them. Hedges is well aware of this, of course, and I give him credit for not timidly stopping at reform or reorganization, as so many do, and body declaring the need for revolution. Revolution most accurately describes the task before us.


I watched quite a bit of an old Hedge's speech last night on Link TV. I was especially moved when he spoke of his father, a Presbyterian minister, who long ago pushed for rights for gays and met with a lot of resistance and anger. I was lucky to have a fine father also. Anyway, yes, horrors await us. All we can do is fight the good fight and hope a strong majority of people learn some actual facts. My hope is that climate change will remain an incremental horror and not a run-away engine. A partially livable planet is all we can hope for, and certainly worth fighting for.


Best (and most concise) summary I have read about the healthcare "victory." MSM is not just complicit in their distorted cover of events - that would mean it has some sort of independence - it is a propaganda faction of power (both wings). Unfortunately, this model is also standard at most institutional levels, academic included, with their PR departments that specialize in public deception.


The healthcare non-vote was a victory. Yet, that victory can easily be destroyed by the Republicans as Hedges says. We must enjoy small successes, otherwise the next few years will be incredibly horrendous instead of just very horrendous. For me, small successes (even medium) means more Democrats in charge. I know they suck in many ways, but better IS better. We're all just humans. No one will give us utopia.


I am one who has long likened the delirious gluttony of today's effete to a book end Roman collapse characterized by the vomitorium - to enable (in its most negative sense) continued toxification by gluttony. But the genesis of the term is not fully accurate, at least in the sense intended.

More interestingly, as a metaphor for the present, the "vomitorium" was what we regard as the entry/exits of stadiums that run under the bleachers. I say more interestingly because what was being ' vomited' in that context was THE PUBLIC!

Toward stretching our reference points beyond the predatory media muck - art and humor


" They ( the Kleptocrats) fear revolution, the only mechanism left to rid us of these parasites."

Gandhi threw out the British from India through non-violence; we need an American Gandhi to rid us of these parasites. Non-violent regime change has never been more urgent!


Pushing foreign control out of your nation is one thing, but accomplishing a more equal economic society is a whole different game. Economic inequality in India is a big problem.


Yes. India has the horrible caste system and poverty. But we need someone like a Gandhi to rid us of these parasites to accomplish a more equal economic society.


Maybe we should deny them any pensions.


And how would you do that? If people don't vote, or just criticize we will not get anywhere.


Liberte,' egalite,' and fraternite' have been replaced by determination, revenge, and brutality.

Give me liberty, or give me death! [Patrick Henry]

Pwr 2 the FIGHTING peons!


“Our goal must be to get rid of them.”

As I forsaw Trump has been quickly reined in by the permanent shadow governance of the owners of today’s world, the 1,810 billionaires on the Forbes 2016 rich list that own $6.5 trillion, as much wealth as the bottom 70 percent of humanity. If you work for a living or are starving to death they still own you and everyone. We are, and always have been, their slaves.

“Kleptocracy” is nothing new, it’s the American way. Just ask any First Nation person, ghetto dweller, tent city person or any homeless person that still has some sanity left. If one is somehow managing to keep their head a little above the rising waters of the sinking empire than one can indeed be entertained by the burlesque Punch and Judy show that is political discourse in America. And now we have a reality show President with his “daily ‘Gong Show’” out of the White House who “tweets” night and day.

Yes it’s “entertainment all the time” even as more and more sink. The band will play on till the very titanic end of the human race. The show will go on as the wealth of the sick is harvested with ever rising health costs and the healthy with ever costlier, mandated, health insurance. It’s the newest wealth transfer program, health care is now wealth care.

As Hedges wrote the “gigantic termites” that Trump appoints will eat up any government or social program that “impedes corporate profit”, takes wealth from the rich owners or can be “harvested” for their even greater obscene wealth. Capitalism creates corporate states and has never shrank from using violence. All capitalists are fascists. Corporations are fascist structures and as Mussolini said “fascism should be called corporatism”.

The kleptocratic owners are rightly scared that while their police state and security moats might “protect themselves from the threatening hoards” what will protect them from themselves? Psychopaths and sociopaths are self destructive, it’s a part of their disease. Their own economists are warning of a coming financial collapse that will be worldwide and could end civilization, plunging the world into a new dark age.

No matter how one looks at the future very few are rosy about it. Capitalism has reached the dead end that Marx wrote it would. The choice for the future, even the near future, is between socialism or chaos. The 800 lb. gorilla in the room is nuclear weaponry and other weapons of mass destruction including nuclear power plants.

Their is no choice except to work for socialism or, if one can financially/psychologically afford to, just enjoy the spectacle and be entertained.

“Them” must indeed be gotten rid of and they appear to be acting to get rid of themselves. Prepare and contribute in any way you can, even while being entertained, to bring about a socialist future. It’s socialism or sink.


And for instance GMO parasites roll on. Here' s a link to US PIRG message action to the EPA on recent revelations of questionable "science" behind Monsanto backed "studies" on Roundup/glyphosate health safety even the NYT reported on.

Relentless for truth forever!


Excellent, informative video.


I always thought Mugwumps were spineless politicians – like neoliberal DamnocRats – who sit with their mugs on one side of the wall spouting populist rhetoric and their wumps on the other side being kissed by their oilio- garchic and pollutocratic owner/beneficiaries.   Hilliary (HRC) and Dirty Debbie (DWS) are perfect examples.


With all the vermin occupying Congress and the WH, we can hope that like many of those species, they will turn on and start eating each other. Billionaires do not take orders from anyone, not even their buffoon of a benefactor (whom they certainly laugh at behind his back) and will only carry out orders THEIR way with little to no interference from the witless one in the Oval Office. And they are fashioned after mugwumps in every way. GOP members (with few exceptions) will protect themselves to the detriment of the emperor and certainly will not go down with his sinking garbage scow.


I absolutely agree with you. I absolutely agree with Hedges, who has the courage of conviction, and the moral compass lacking in so many in the media today.


Congratulations to Common Dreams for continuing to republish Hedges' writing here. The need for deep systemic transformation -- revolution -- is as clear as day for anyone with eyes that dare to simply see.

Half-measures will not cut it. We must END the system of colonizing and claims to "ownership" that was launched with the invention of the modern corporation -- "limited-liability," investor-owned monstrosities that have grown to recreate the world, the economy, and society in their own horrific image.

Ever since the original corporations were created in the name of God and King -- the British East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, the Hudson's Bay Company and the like -- their model of "wealth-building" for "investors" (based in colonizing, claiming ownership, carrying out rape, genocide, enslavement, and the "legal" "privatization" of The Commons) has evolved.

Today the modern corporation is the dominant mode of economic development allowed in the world. We must replace that system with a system based in ecological and humanistic imperatives, incentives, and disincentives. Any other goal is a chimera, a doomed effort, that will not stop the destruction of the ecology, the impoverishment and debasement of ever-larger swaths of humanity and society, and the collapse of ecosystems, agriculture, and civilization.

WAKE UP. Look at reality. "We the People" must shake off our disorientation, distraction, and the "false consciousness" created by the incessant propaganda, media, and "entertainment" of the parasitic corporate colonizer class, and TAKE AWAY THEIR "WEALTH" AND POWER.

Then we must get about the business of living and working -- materially, socially, economically, systemically -- in ways that SERVE the living ecological systems that sustain us, and that SERVE the human individuals and communities that comprise society.

Time is way past short. The ecology and society are dis-integrating with every passing moment. Practice living as best you can in ways that work, socially and ecologically, and keep your eyes on that actual reality that underpins the economy, society, and the ecology. Practice seeing past the incessant propaganda, media and "entertainment" that pound our senses. ALWAYS think hard, about a deeper underlying reality behind the facade of what passes for "news" and reporting.