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The Fierce Urgency of Now

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Oh, the gobsmacking tone-deafness of court clowns and grifters, from Kudlow's praise of workers "volunteering" for love of their fuhrer to Ross' bafflement that workers are going hungry from a mere "liquidity crisis." One proposal: When workers run out of food, they eat the rich. Another from the head of the flight attendants union: a general strike. In a scorching speech, she cited Dr. King's call to "stand up for freedom together,” insisting, "Labor can lead the way."

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The fierce urgency of now insists that we understand this; the habitat of the planet is collapsing.

No only humans, but all species are in the early stages of habitat chaos. (Yes, it gets much worse. Category Six hurricanes, fires and droughts consuming entire states, no drinking water.)

It’s inspiring to hear community leaders come together to denounce greed and to question a system that uses people and the habitat as exploitable resources.

That inspiration falls flat when these same leaders fall back on the archaic notion that every family can continue on as usual if only they got more access to resources.

Resources are finite. The rich and the poor are about to find out just how finite they are. You can not exploit what is not there.

Yet, you continue to have more kids, raise families, then make demands on reality in hopes that there is just one more drop of resource to exploit.

Perhaps, if people stopped having kids, we could find ways to change our system of technology and economics to provide for the passengers on this planet who are already here.

But if you keep adding three additional passengers per second, that means you need three additional JOBS per second and the resources to maintain the jobs.

And that my dear citizens is just never going to happen. These government shutdowns are just the beginning as oil and other industries refuse to change, because they too have families, and they want just ONE MORE DAY, just one more.

The pain is upon us. Your kids, rich or poor, will ask why you decided to have them KNOWING you knew the facts.

The fierce urgency of now, the tone deafness, starts with people who refuse to admit that their breeding and consuming plays a major role in the collapse of civility.


Small revision of a well-known statement about an oppressive government - “these are the times that try our souls”.

A national labor strike in the US would be unprecedented. Was the Pullman strike the closest one came? Look at how that was put down. But, so is a government shut-down ordered by the President.

A national labor action could be the one act of the people that could get the attention of business who would then bring immense pressure on the dim-witted, overly-privileged Senators and the reluctant House Democrats to pass veto-proof legislation that would end the shut-down initiated and extended by a dictator wannabe President.

I’m not holding my breath.

the habitat of the planet is collapsing.

Perhaps, if people stopped having kids…

And that my dear citizens is just never going to happen.

The pain is upon us. Your kids, rich or poor, will ask why…

(and no answer will be good enough)

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Is it time yet to start eating the rich?

HI ridgewalker1 : sigh-----the rich already appear to be so tasteless in how they rule the world------I can only think of one seasoning that would improve them----I think they need a bit of reality to bite them .: )