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The Fight for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate


The Fight for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate

Conor Curtis

On Saturday communities across Canada, from Vancouver and Edmonton to Fredericton and St. John’s, will join together in a national day of action for jobs, justice, and the climate.


While entities like ALEC, The Koch Brothers, and Pete Petersen have the capital to fund think tanks that hire flacks to repeat phony opinions in both mass media and within message threads like those featured by C.D.; and favored among them is endlessly turning the matter into citizens either not believing in global warming, not caring about it, or being too distracted TO care; the truth is this:

“What our leaders have lacked thus far is political will, not options. While many politicians have been more than willing to listen to the voices of multi-national corporations, far fewer have shown willingness to listen to the communities most affected by climate change and resource extraction, the general public, and climate scientists.”

Paid message shapers will also say that it’s too late or that no set of alternative energy systems can be used, in composite, as a substitute for fossil fuels. In other words, they argue FOR “business as usual” even though said “business” is no different from making a silent collective pact with the likes of Jim Jones. They’re arguing for mass suicide by insisting, a la Margaret Thatcher that “there is no alternative.”