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The Fight From Below Seen From Above: New Map Details Local Fossil Fuel Resistance


The Fight From Below Seen From Above: New Map Details Local Fossil Fuel Resistance

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an attempt to highlight and bolster the "groundswell of resistance" against fracking wells, pipelines, and other fossil fuel projects throughout the United States, a coalition of environmental groups on Thursday launched the Fossil Fuel Resistance Mapping Project, which details precisely where opposition to Big Oil is taking hold throughout the United States and how others can join in.


Suggest if you know of a local or regional group in your area not indicated on the map, you contact the group and point them to this project.


In Canada, TransCanada has cancelled its Energy East pipeline (at this point).
Given corporate secrecy (and press releases), we can’t know how the sociopathic mind of dirty energy functions. But maybe it was the fact that TransCanada misrepresented that this oil would be for Canadians, when in fact, it was for the world market. The feds helped to bolster TransCanada’s misrepresentation and cooperated with this dirty energy political manipulation. The Competition Bureau refused to touch this golden cow that suckles petroleum political servants in suits.
People and groups everywhere can make a difference by paying attention, digging deeper, and demanding real information. Expect democracy and don’t settle for anything less.The house of cards is not far from collapsing under its own deceptive ideology. Make a better world by voting for independents that run on untried, authentic democratic policies that verifiably and forcefully produce democracy. You won’t find them in the ‘center’.