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'The Fight is Not Over,' Groups Vow, as State Dept Poised to Approve Keystone XL


'The Fight is Not Over,' Groups Vow, as State Dept Poised to Approve Keystone XL

Nika Knight, staff writer

The State Department will announce its approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, unnamed government sources told the Associated Press, after President Donald Trump ordered the department to reopen its review of the pipeline.


If a major portion of the population of the United States restricts their driving of their gas fueled cars to only when necessary, the increase in supply coupled with the decrease in usage/sales will cause the price to remain low, in essence causing these oil companies to lose money on their investments in pipelines.

The fight is just beginning....


State Department + T-Rex (Exxon Mobil) = Keystone XL on its way...damn all life/water/soil/wildlife in its dangerous, toxic path. And all for money...without conscience, caring, concern, or adherence to environmental regulations (just pay the fines and continue BAU). The people have raised their voices and made very clear their opposition founded on facts and past disasters yet they have gone unheard/unacknowledged with the powers-that-be. So much for our democracy at work....


Leave it to President Zombie Thug to approve the Zombie Pipeline!


Thinking of buying or leasing a smart or electric car the next time I need a new car. Some say that leasing is better than buying given the rapid advances in the technology that are occurring.


I have been leasing a 2015 Smart ED since May of 2015. My wife got a full time job across town 15 mi each way and she was not going to use public transit - the hospital being having this perimeter fence that makes it walking/transit hostile anyway.

I couldn't bear to think of all that gas being burned so I went looking for a Smart ED - perfect for the commute through narrow city streets. No Smart ED's were available here in backward western Pennsylvania. The local Mercedes/Smart dealer pretty much almost treated me like a trespasser for merely asking about an ED. So I had to get one in Maryland (DC area) where they had a dozen in the lot and were very motivated to lease them. With some discounts it was $1250 - which I paid all at once, plus $84 a month battery pack rental under the "battery assurance plus (BAP) plan" where you basically rent the battery pack. I would not recommend the BAP and I think they will be discontinuing it. People were buying used Smart ED and the learning later that they don't own the battery pack and must pay $84 per month for 10 years! The lithium batteries are proving to be very reliable so an ordinary warranty is fine.

The car has been completely trouble free. Driven carefully, range is 90-100 miles (160 km) in warm weather and no AC usage. In cold weather range goes way down - a dirty secret about electric cars that nobody talks about. In sub-0F (-20 to -25C) weather, and snow covered roads, range can go as low as 40 miles although at least 50 miles can be reliably had in less severe winter conditions if you dont use the heat too much.

As far as I know, the new-model smart ED are not available in the US yet.

My views on electric cars is mixed.

Cost for lithium batteries will go down some - but the laws of physics do not portend to any kind of "Moore's Law" for battery technologies.

If Trump succeeds in cutting the CAFE standards, it is going to be all over for electric cars in the US for at least a decade except for maybe Teslas due to their popularity with the wealthy.

We really need to get rid of our reliance on cars altogether - which in the USA is admittedly difficult as transit friendly urban neighborhoods and workplaces are affordable to most people due to gentrification...


The only fight that is going to work is physical direct action that stops the operation of the pipe. If activists are not willing to do that, then this, or any other effort at change is useless.


There are a lot of used Leafs coming off lease. You can buy a 2015 for $10k with less than 20K miles. The price does not seem to go down for earlier years. Hard to figure out the market.


I am not a doom and gloom person, but unfortunately, with the current cabal of Trump, thugs and climate deniers like Tyrannosaurus Rex running the show it looks to me like along with the Lakota Sioux, we are in for the fight of our literal lives!