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"The Fight Isn't Over," Say Anti-War Groups as 139 House Democrats Vote With GOP to Reject 10% Pentagon Budget Cut

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/fight-isnt-over-say-anti-war-groups-139-house-democrats-vote-gop-reject-10-pentagon


The good ol’ Democrats…the gift that keeps on giving!


Primary them… Get rid of them all.

No discussion

No debate

They need to be gone.



too late for a primary. Maybe Covid…


U.S. Military Spending vs. the World

The U.S. outpaces all other nations in military expenditures. World military spending totaled more than $1.6 trillion in 2015. The U.S. accounted for 37 percent of the total.

The USA is in debt to a private financial institution called the Federal Reserve for 13 Trillion dollars and they are still giving the Pentagon more money than all other nations combined.

Where are the American citizens? Did you not read Bernie Sanders domestic policies campaign platform?

Mr. Blair M. Phillips
Retired Autoworker


CD - How about a list of the offenders embeded in the article or a link to a list of the offenders
it would save a few steps


The gift that keeps on giving to Wall Street


“Pocan, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, tweeted following the vote. “Though our amendment didn’t pass, progressive power is stronger than ever.””

Proggies are so powerful that they lost again, and their leaders slather some happy talk on the defeat so that proggies will bask in their “success”.

Proggies should be angry at the DP and at the critters who voted the bad way, not smug and satisfied by this outcome.


Apparently they must think coming in at second place with this vote is a great victory and a sure sign they gain in strength.

It just another CON being used to keep the progressive and true left under the umbrella of the Democrats. The people need to stop buying this swill.

A truly progressive caucus would not belong to the Democratic party.


Does anyone have a list of the Dems that voted against this? I really want to know their names.


Vote accordingly, if possible.

So, ass-ide from the Bleach-House Blow-viator in Chief, tell me again, Mr. Bill, what’s the difference (under it all) between the parties, and why do they even bother to fight?
Sure is a lot of work to convince me they are fundamentally different.


When will the citizens wake up to the FACT that the USA was bought off by Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex a LONG time ago. Anything short of massive general strikes and boycotts of these bastards ensures the destruction of life as we know including most flora and fauna at the hands of these anti life monsters. Voting is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. Time has just about run out (assuming it hasn’t already) to have any future at all. And my final thought on all this is: FUCK THE DEMOCRATS. They along with their Republican counterparts are your enemies who will wage endless war around the world and at home until they kill us all off on behalf of their corporate oligarch masters.


Aren’t you glad you voted for the lesser of two mass-murdering war criminals year after year after year after. . .


Another 9-11 is more likely, as every day more and more people in the rest of the world believe that the U.S. is a monster that must be destroyed.


This media dynamic is exacerbated by the journalistic practice of obsessing on the areas where the two parties squabble, while steadfastly ignoring the very consequential and numerous areas where they find full agreement — such as approving close to a trillion dollars in military spending and ensuring the oldest war in U.S. history continues without end.

  • Glen Greenwald



He doesn’t list all the names but he names powerbrokers.


I agree and recognized the Bernie con in 2016. You would think after Bernie decided to back Biden in 2020 more people would stop buying the Democrat’s CON!


“I love the smell of bipartisanship in the morning.
Smells like…defeat”


All they have to do now is sit back and watch the implosion.


DADDY WARBUCKS is up and yelling ENCORE!

Linguists often understand economics better than E-CON-O-MISTS. Those mists rarely part the party for any clarity. Try John McWhorter and give a tussle to these ideas on how we think of ourselves, individually and nationally…Dat Dere’s 2 entirely separate propositions. A separate piece instead of a separate peace, ya might say…

When People Were Proud to Call Themselves ‘Neoliberal’

Tracking the evolution of one political label to understand why others come and go
by John McWhorter published in Daddy Warbucks advertising engorged THE ATLANTIC no less, May 30, 2017

Mind the drone hovering overhead as we wrestle with the synopsis in this elegantly angelic lede from journalistic yore to the lore of long-form wealth-concentrating and con-text-ualized essays if not Uber-ized, Gig E-CON’d and off-shored heaven where we visit our non-taxed or audited and idling world’s reserve currency living a risk-free investment’s Inflationary Spiral immune while zero summed on Deflationary Spiraling AUSTERITY FOR ALL OTHERS values. Abandoned as we have been to the eternal predation of life on the food chain working overtime as a manual shlepper for Wage Stag-flation and tax-burdened subsisting Food Stamp Nation with piped in indoctri-Nation replete with Homeless Weigh Stations…So the Corporate Caliphate can rest easy with hoarded and off-shored Treasure Island banked and non-taxed or audited while bank secrecy protected Global Reserve Currency and its interest-ing ting ting accumulations of security.

" There are words that in quiet moments one might feel one does not quite grasp the meaning of, despite encountering them on a regular basis and perhaps even using them. I’ve heard some include epistemology in this category; I would add dating , for its magnificent ambiguity.

"Another, for many, is neoliberal . Today the word is generally used as a critique from the left to refer to capitalism run amok. Recently, the essayist George “Welcome to the Neo-Liberal World” Scialabba described neoliberalism as “the extension of market dominance to all spheres of social life, fostered and enforced by the state,” a rather nefarious-sounding proposition, including “investor rights agreements masquerading as ‘free trade’ and constraining the rights of governments to protect their own workers, environments, and currencies.”

Cue the soundtrack to perhaps our least sustainable E-CON-O-MY-ME-ME-ME buried like the moral documents of national budgets, or their a-morality when concealing the Perma-War E-CON-O-MY…Here’s where Daddy Warbucks lowers his\her\their voice(s) and hum moans this soft slithery agave blues… ~ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nckfxr1fBQo

Neither of our parties can kick this addiction to the Perma-War Private Contracting pay-offs. None of our best and brightest and most amoral can kick the kick-back scheme that is Daddy Warbucks gift that keeps on giving…to the gravediggers and afterlife peddlers and snake oil hawkers and de-regulated but elated ta meet ya Commodities port-folios pushers of our next Yemeni Kicks…all the way to those bank secrecy accounts Status Quo Joe MBNA Legal Fiction PO Box-sized State of Delaware Biden’s coming twin terms of caring representing-ting-ting goes the Tibetan Bell and China’s cauldron…hear the eternal opioid prospect-U.S. of Afghani Poppy Serum moaning its eternal neeeeeed…And the aspirational wants of so many strung out…

J.J. Cale - Too Much For Me
-1979- 5 (album)

Somebody touched me late last night
Had this woman and I still feel right
Some kind of feeling up and down my spine
Plays with my head and mess with my mind
She tickled my toe and she kissed my ear
Told me not to worry, told me not to fear
Oo-wee, she felt good to me
Gotta have another, just like the other
Last night brother was too much for me

I felt like a junkie couldn’t score no dope
I buzzed the brass then I lost all hope
Laying down woman, she got me too hot
We had a little drink, and we smoked a little pot
All I knew was something happened to me
I was unsuspicious as anyone could be
She set me on fire, I’m telling you
Let me tell you brother, I didn’t know what to do

Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s not
Sometimes you get it and sometimes you’re got
Oo-wee, it felt good to me
Gotta have another, just like the other
Last night brother was too much for me

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