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The Fight to Stop the Climate Crisis is Local

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/02/fight-stop-climate-crisis-local


Yes, everybody needs to be onboard. And, certainly, the US with only 5% of the global population, but 25% of the emissions, needs to make huge changes. However the other 95% of humans are critically needed if anything good is to happen. Africa, for example, is rapidly improving in many ways. Chinese investments are helping to create infrastructure (roads and rail, ports, airports, etc.), and things are improving. Certainly good. But should the Africans turns out like the US people, certain doom. The Middle East, like so much of the globe, has a young population, median age maybe 20. All those kids need to be taken care of. When you think about it, the only solution is necessarily a global solution. And that means negotiations, treaties, trade agreements, subsidies, etc. One example: we all should know that the largest part of capital expense for electricity is the transmission/distribution costs. Like 85%. Keeping the grid working also costs. The Chinese are selling PV kits for African villages. The idea is each house, say 200 dwellings, gets a PV setup on their roof, and these are all interconnected with every other house, but not to the nonexistent grid. Just knock off 80% of the cost, but still get 100% of the benefit. So the only answer, seems to me, is to use cheap energy, like electricity from the grid, to make low cost components, and deploy they widely to service the human population. Sure think globally, but act locally.


Great piece. Local, national, and international.

lots of good stuff but what is missing is any mention of reducing demand for energy. Harassing some producer may get attention but if there is a demand for a product someone will find a way to supply it. Local action should also mean improving walking and biking infrastructure, using trains instead of cars, energy efficient lighting, wearing sweaters rather than cranking up the furnace etc