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The Fight to #StopTMX Continues as Feds Approve Their Own Pipeline


The Fight to #StopTMX Continues as Feds Approve Their Own Pipeline

Bronwen Tucker

In a decision that was widely expected, the National Energy Board released a report on February 22nd on its reconsideration of the TMX pipeline, recommending that the government proceed with the project.

Sign here to remind Justin Trudeau we won't let him build this pipeline, and to get updates as this struggle for climate justice continues.


One reason The Canadian Government took over the pipeline is that is was fully aware of all the delays that it faced. Private industry does not like these delays as they tie up Capital and put retrun on investment further years down the road. The Government has deep pockets and can afford that wait at the taxpayers expense.

What the people should recognize is that our First Nations peoples are the poorest of Canadians in the way of financial wealth. They have been promised all matter of revenues and wealth if they would allow pipelines to cross their territories. Some have accepted these promises for other projects (Such as the gas pipeline going further North).

Those that continue to resist and be opposed to these pipelines make tremendous sacrifices finanically for all of us and it something we should always recognize.

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How sad. The same tactics used for over a century, on our South American neighbors, is still being used today on our own NORTH American countries.
Oil has no conscience, and neither do it’s producers.