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The Fight's Not Over, Say Activists, as Nebraska Supreme Court Approves Keystone XL Route

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/fights-not-over-say-activists-nebraska-supreme-court-approves-keystone-xl-route

The oligarchs of their time revolted against King George because of what they called: taxation without representation. What we now need it seems to me, is a declaration of independence from the fossil fuel industries, the modern King George, because they are far worse than taxation without representation!


This is the fight not just for our life but for Life, as in the Web of Life. We need to fill the jails in the same order of the civil rights activists filled them and yes, plenty lost their lives. Rolling, total non cooperation to stop the vicious Machine!

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Who has more “rights”…who has more money? Until this changes we are faced with this sort of thing happening until time stands still. Machines and faceless corporations have more rights than humans, they win and have won. Here, have a cigar, you’re going to go far, welcome to the machine Slave.

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In Murka it always boils down to HOW MUCH JUSTICE CAN YOU AFFORD ?

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The steel pipe for this project is from India and sits in mud down in Mississippi.

  1. check the metalurgy. Make sure that if the longitudinal seam is welded, that the pipe has been stress relived to help avoid hydrogen enbrittlement corrosion in the weld effected zones.

  2. Make sure the owner uses double pipe and trenches at all water crossings. The space between the inner pipe carrying crude oil and the outer pipe (safety) is in slight vacuum and has pressure gauge to alarm if inner pipe leaks oil. Also closes valves and turns off pumps. Make sure owner has skilled trades peoples to inspect, repair, etc.
    avoid the Battle Creek spill of 6 years ago at the river that is still not cleaned up.

  3. API, American Petroleum Institute, should be at the forefront of improving pipeline standards.

  4. Be ready to nationalize the pipeline if there is an avoidable spill.

  5. The pipeline owner pays to train the county hazmat teams in Nebraska.

  6. The circumferential weld joints must be x-rayed (fluroscopy) and stress relieved in the field as the workers proceed to install the pipe sections.

  7. Establish a service life span and stick to it. do not provide 25 year extensions as we have for some nuclear power plants which are already long past expected service lives.

Another WTF moment resembling the African natural gas project about to begin.
This is in part the fossil fuel industries getting a leg up before a possible Sanders White House is in play.
There is so much prevention, invention, and attention needed for so many things that the right-wingers have abused or destroyed it’s hard to know where to begin. Climate crisis first I suppose, but there are dozens of 2nd place contestants.

But in both cases where is their sense of common decency? Their abortion of morals and ethic’s is gut wrenching and to do this against the people living right next door? come on.

You know there is this thing about plastic being everywhere, probably even our food and brains. It’s been found in the brains of fish. Anyway, are we starting to loose mental capacities because of eating plastic’s? I am thinking so, if so we are in for a very real nightmare. I see zombie like citizens running wild with guns in my dreams. At what levels are we loosing cognition?

Hi oldie,
it would also be nice if these pipe laying companies followed all the 7 items that you have listed. It would be even nicer, if the oilers had to lay down money which would be equal to the worst disaster for the land, the people , and the businesses that would be effected by a NEGATIVE leak event. That money would be immediately paid put without having the land and the people and the products being ruined as court time kills people and places so easily.
It’s illogical to have any of this happened without a huge deposit to compensate the land and people who are ruined by these leaks. Besides, the Exxon Valdez got away with ruining that land and water and many people and creatures never recovered from this.
There have been enough disasters to water land and people that rates for their recovery should immediately be given out , as in America some groups can ruin land and water forever, and yet suffer no consequences--------this is the only fair way to deal with the People------because we all know corporations are not people, or we would be sending THOSE, the corporate ones , to the front line of every war.: )

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