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The Film the Israel Lobby Does Not Want You to See


Historically, Zionism is anti-Semitic. While lengthy, this discussion is great.


HI Tom_Larsen. Thanks for this as I had read many of the sources quoted like Tom Segev’s “The Seventh Million.” and also “Altneuland,” by Herzl. Herzl’s book was interesting as he had Muslims and Jews living happily together , although in other parts of the book, the in- fighting of the various groups jockeying for power was very clear between power brokers of many sides which were clearly at work fighting and undermining each other.
In Segev’s book, it was very clear that the British did not care at all about the Palestinians- Sadly it seems that many of the Israelis are more nazi like each day–and it is refreshing to see more and more American performers blacklisting Israeli’s racist behavior.
I think there is no hope for Israel–as America is going broke with useless wars, and as israel lacks water and even the area around the Dead Sea is imploding. Worst of all the Bedouins are treated so badly, and seeing how the 2nd and 3rd generations of some Israelis treat the Palestinians and others is as disheartening as seeing Senator Schumer want to do away with the America’s First Amendments Freedom Of Speech as he seems to work for AIPAC and not America. I am beginning to see Israelis as 21st century nazis themselves. So many religions are so unkind , and often deadly to those of different beliefs---- that I have given up on anything except for believing in treating others the way you would want to be treated-----and even more importantly to treat the Earth as the actual living Heaven, if only we could stop blowing it up with wars and greed, So thank you for sending this . : )


I would be hesitant to blame Judaism for Israel’s behavior. Politicians, the ruling class (which often include religious leaders), manipulate religious feeling for their own ends, and the most egregious example of this historically, would be Christianity.


HI Tom_Larsen----but sadly the 7t Million book shows that the rich that arrived first and the political movers in Britain-----sadly and horribly dissed those from Poland or those who arrived poor and defeated after the Holocaust-----as if what had become of those poor people was all their fault. “Why didn’t you fight,” they were told.
So-- as everywhere a class and money divide can breed peculiar creatures. Another sad thought—the , “awfuls” in Israel have made the Palestinians the enemy, the hated the ignored… but if all the Palestinians were gone, and all that lived in Israel were only the Israelis-----I wonder how long it would take for the poor Israelis to be the scapegoats? The downside of human nature, no matter the nation----those that succeed financially think it is due their own special selves-----but Americans can now clearly see that has never been true for any nation. : )