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The Final Days of Donald Trump, Absentee President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/20/final-days-donald-trump-absentee-president

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It is a shame Mr. Winship that you are still beating that tired old Russia drum. Here is some adult reading as well as advice to the incoming President from people who know better.



tRump’s deepening descent into denial, delusion, anger, and retaliation reminds me of “The Omen” in which the boy possessed by the forces of evil becomes more and more destructive as those trying to stop him get closer to doing so. No one can predict what this man might do as the day he will lose all his power approaches. For four years, he has shown his next act can be more abominable and destructive than the last one. I just hope someone still living in reality at the WH will restrain him if he orders an extreme or illegal act.


The Prez is elected to do a job, not just sit in the WH. Although, in the case of Trump… But, now, there is need of an executive. If the Cabinet does not remove him via Amdt. 25, we truly are in a gangster state, and now we know exactly who are the gangsters.


True, it might be the most honest thing Trump has said or Tweeted in his life.

Absenteeism was probably Donald Trump’s best feature. Had he been able to achieve complete and consistent absence for the entire duration of the presidency, he would have been the best American president of this century, one of the best of all time.

Alas, he showed, and there is no repair. The only hope for his legacy now is to quit fighting to stay in the White House and use his remaining days to convince Joe Biden to leave with him, perhaps on a tour of entertainment facilities abroad or offshore.

This is all reprehensible, of course, but it is also the only path available to a least-worst presidency. It would cause a lot less damage than leaving poor Joe alone in the White House with dreams of suppressing the BRICS by shooting up the next Middle Eastern country on Brzezinski’s old list and emailing Barack to find out how to spell “Zbigniew.”

Sorry, but Winship’s all over the board here. Is the problem that Donny’s mendacious and insane, or that he is absent? Let him absent himself forthwith, with whatever pomp and ceremony amuses him, and let’s move on to the next problem in the timeline we are actually in.


What frightened me most about DJT#45 wasn’t what he (and his cohorts) said, but what he (and they) didn’t say. What he said seemed to infer they were hiding a despicably evil agenda. GWB#43 made a similar impression of acting like a buffoon to deflect attention from utterly depraved purposes.


Our best hope at this point is if Trump goes into a fugue state. Not quite catatonia, but where he would fixate on just one activity, probably golf. He wouldn’t care about Georgia, or Twitter, or Fake News. Granted, he wouldn’t care about Covid, but he doesn’t anyway. Nope, just a sort of active coma-the brain has shut down, but not enough for him to curl up in a fetal position in the Lincoln Bedroom.
Trump wants revenge, but just can’t get it like he did in the good old days. If he shuffles off the stage, mumbling to himself like King Lear, it will be the best finale for 2020. Remember, he’s in third stage syphilis; not too many brain cells left.

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If, or when, DT departs the White House, the damage Trump and MxConnell, those rabid radical RP members who are demanding that coup, four years will not be enough time to undo even a quarter of the damage these haters of “freedom” and the Constitution have embraced. We will be disgusted with Biden/Harris and his throwback Administration of 20 years ago–And longer, and the RP will come roaring back into the White House, even more radical and more Far Right. We are probably seeing the final days of the DP and that falls to Pelosi and all her Conservative Centrists who hate Progressives,.and all "socialist: programs. In fact, they hate Americans as a while, at least us 90 Percenters.

Don’t let the bastard wear you down

Bucky Halker and the Complete Unknowns

We are probably seeing the final days of the USA.

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…global civilization, and quite likely, the human species.

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Hold on! The ‘man’ is a lot more crazy that you -and definitely others give him credit for: he cannot face reality, for - as much as I hate boxes usually (for people who are still human-beings, they usually don’t ay anything of import,) this man is an extreme narcissist: he cannot connect with -never mind work in reality (mind), not care about beings in this reality (heart). I don’t think you’all know just how sick he is! The evidence and horror are absolutely all there.
Men in ‘white coats’ need to come and get him now…
However, he will plead insanity to escape prison, so maybe not!

Once warmonger Joe Biden starts doing his thing we will wish we just had an absentee president.

Well we have to admit that the plea of insanity by Trump could not be refuted in court…I would say Trump would have an airtight, irrefutable case!

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