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The Financial Times Is Right – Labour’s Ownership Funds Will Transfer Wealth and Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/03/financial-times-right-labours-ownership-funds-will-transfer-wealth-and-power

Good piece. The FT is terrified of Johnson’s political thuggery but is simulatenously undermining Corbyn. But they scored an own goal with this front page intervention. Over here, can you imagine the Democrats touching ownership rules in the same way? No way.

The britz empire is not dead by any measure.
Heck, they own way too many auto supply shops in USA as do the Germans.
Fact is that London has money flow thru and they tap the wallet for their share.

The worker union is for worker safety on the job, fair days wage for a fair days work.
The corporation in USA now has ‘person’ status, which is a big error here.
Corps pay fines for wrong doing to federal and state governments. they do not have to admit wrong doing or have officers and board members go to criminal or civil trials.

example: 11 workers were killed when BP blew out a well in the gulf of Mexico. Every now and then, there is an article that a few BP employees are going to face criminal charges such as manslaughter for their reckless decission to continue drilling when all indications from instrumentations said ‘stop’.
Casey Jones effect.

The union members would have to collectively own 10% of the common shares, for example, to have one seat on the board of directors along with nine others. None from executive row of the corp.