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The Fire Next Time: On the Next Gaza War


The Fire Next Time: On the Next Gaza War

Max Blumenthal

"A fourth operation in the Gaza Strip is inevitable, just as a third Lebanon war is inevitable,” declared Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in February. His ominous comments came just days after an anti-tank missile fired by the Lebanon-based guerrilla group Hezbollah killed two soldiers in an Israeli army convoy.


My heart is heavy with empathy for the Palestinians. It seems an ironic twist of divine proportions that the Israelis, who deny the God of Love had a prophet, and insist upon clinging to the God of War, are collectively determined to commit genocide on themselves, with their unimaginable absence of restraint and self-governance.

As if to make sure they do it, the US Government rewards every Israeli instance of that war on themselves, at the expense of the Palestinians, with monstrous new piles of military hardware, software, "intelligence," and billions of dollars.

What a sick pair of infantile nations.

As if to stoke that sickness, the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, consistently and predictably buys all the necessary votes to keep that mutually self-destructive dynamic between the two on course.

No wonder so many Americans, left and right, are righteously angry with everyone now in elected office in Washington, D. C., and with everyone who wants to become their business-as-usual replacements.

I wonder why we all aren't so angry.


"For Israel, war is no longer an option. It is a way of life."

It's not war--it's MURDER!


There is no god of love and thus no prophet thereof. Nor is there a god of war and I know you meant that metaphorically. There is no god of anything; we humans are on our own. That so many have chosen to murder others for profit is sad, but no punishment awaits them when they leave the human realm. Nor does an award await those who opposed them. Religion is bunk.


I would encourage readers to consider this article in careful critique of propagandizing. This might seem like subtle stuff - but impacts how a perspective is received.
For instance "For this population, whose members are mostly under the age of 18, the violence has become a life ritual that repeats every year or two." (note framing of 'what is' has no identity as people of Gaza). It is only paragraphs later that the Gaza youth are identified as having been orphaned with the killing of their parents. In the mean time the human side of survival in this open air prison camp imposed on Gaza is shunted aside for characterizations as fait accompli with the harsh statements of military strategy referred to as "prophesy". They are not prophesy but statement of military intent waiting for the orders.

The actual facts in this would be better served, in my opinion, by being coupled with recognition of the efforts of millions of people around the world who are expressing alternatives and working for ongoing support of the Palestinians.

Nothing is said of the community efforts to bring food, the arts, the natural experiences of youth to the children? These and the other human aspects of life being omitted from this render it a propaganda piece that attempts to claim there is nothing but what it cites.

For shame Max Blumenthal !


Oh good grief, Blumenthal is EXTENSIVELY on record in support of nonviolent BDS organizing, and EXTENSIVELY on record in support of the Gaza humanitarian flotillas.

The fact that he does not write about everything in the cosmos in this piece is in no way shameful.


I stand corrected. It is perhaps then precisely the intent of the construction of the article to elicit the grinding recognition of being propagandized to see only a fait accompli.


seriously, that was one of the more "wtf?" responses I've read on here lately. thanks for calling it out.


Yes, i have not read a lot of Blumenthal's writing, have not read Goliath, but i know he aims to stir strong reaction.


Max Blumenthal is a national resource. May the gods and goddesses protect him.


Max, thank you for writing this. Although I find it very upsetting, I think it is important to be aware of what is going on. I think peaceful protest and education is the only way to stop these horrible people. BDS is the way to go!


Agree. Humans would be better off if they prayed to a sheep. That way, both the best and worst of us, could claim our prayers were answered. And, we had as a sign of this affirmation; enough wool to completely cover ours', and others, eyes. Most people will do almost anything for money and even more for religion.


If I actually agree with you or not, regardless, statements of atheism have no more place in a political debate than someone who wins arguments by quoting from The Bible or Koran, e.g. quoting from the book of Revelations-10:5 and then saying: "QED". Step around religion, it is pointless to confront it, and totally off topic.


I was responding to the comment of Walter j smith so it was not off topic. Phooey on your attempts to intimidate other commenters.


Its only a crime if you have bad spin.


Am I wrong but isn't 'Hamas, the Islamist political organization that controls Gaza', actually the 'democratically elected' Government?