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The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda


The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda

Robert Reich

Trump’s First 100 Day agenda includes repealing environmental regulations, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act, giving the rich a huge tax cut, and much worse. Here’s the First 100 Day resistance agenda [with thanks to Alan Webber]:


Re : #'s Four and Five

Per #4 - Letters to the Editor don't get printed if they ruffle the Owner's feathers, and nowadays the Owners own all the Papers and aren't on our side.

Per # 5 - If they won't publish oppositional Letters, they sure won't publish oppositional Opinion Pieces.

The first thing that the Cablevision Dolan Family did when they purchased Newsday, in N,Y was to let go of all the Opinion writers ( Les Payne, Jimmy Breslin, Sidney Schanberg, et al ) and shrink the Letters to the Editor down to a carefully selected two or three a day, making sure not to make it any easier for us if we attempted to rock their boat.


Progressives and Democrats should be cautious in their approach to Trump. There will be no shortage of opportunities to oppose his proposals and statements. However, announcing blanket opposition, even before Trump assumes office, can be counterproductive and may solidify his support and turn off many Americans who voted for Clinton but are willing to "give him a chance." The approach advocated in this article, consistent with much of the progressive and media reaction to Trump's election to date, assumes the country is divided into two discrete camps: one fervently in Trump's corner, the other implacably opposed. It's not that simple, and progressives act at their peril if they think that it is.

Bernie's approach is the wiser one. He said he's willing to listen and support progressive elements in Trump's proposals. If they go against the interests of working class Americans, he will call out Trump and oppose them. While there are several items on this list that are important (especially gearing up for legal challenges), the most important is to chronicle Trump's promises compared to his delivery so that in 2020, a clear record will exist to challenge him and truly expose him as the emperor without clothes that he is.


How about all elected Democrats do the work? How about they stand up LOUD and clear every time Trump tries to privatize and call it an infrastructure project, every time he appoints a racist, anti-women cabinet or high office position, every time he puts Wall St. in financial positions, every time he doesn't expand social security and Medicare, every single time, so loud and clear that the media CANNOT ignore it?

Instead of asking those of us who've been neglecting their families, their finances, their lives trying to get Bernie and then other Dems elected locally, to continue to beat their heads against the wall.

Of course, we can continue to write, vote, petition and call, but what good will it do if our "elected representatives" continue to try to "work with" Trump? And why wouldn't they, in most instances? He's just putting into place much faster what they have been dreaming of--privatization, which will take our money for generations for substandard services and education, the rich getting richer, the rest getting poorer and receiving fewer benefits they've paid into all their lives.

Dems now is your time to rise up and fight! We'll help, but we can't do it by ourselves, as you so ably demonstrated by stealing the election from the guy that really could have beaten Trump.

I do agree that we want to wait until there are actual things to oppose, but it's looking like that day is very near. He's already putting Wall St. in, already talking privatization papered over as infrastructure repair, etc.


National Day of Unity
National day of unity (this could also be a template for the 50 state/50 weeks protest, only expanded over a week) Make it educational and fun. Make sure the trump supporters who are not racist, just angry at the establishment, are invited.
* invite all the different organizations in your community to set up a table (religions, gender identity, cultural identity etc)
* music from a wide range of genres
* documentary films
* speakers

50 State/50 Week Protest
50 state rolling protest - start in Alabama and go alphabetically - weekly - let each state/local groups do their own thing culminating in a capitol protest at the end of their week - on the 51st week organize caravans to DC from each state for a massive march to the white house and congress

National progressive email list/texting list
Combine lists from any progressive/activist/advocacy organization that wants in - coders for Bernie maybe can help create software program to sift out duplicate names if there is no software currently capable of handling that chore (surely there is). Create a new group to coordinate the mailings/texting or use one of the existing orgs to be the go to people.

Solidarity with the police and the military rank and file
Connect with police, military and national guard as to whether or not they want to be on the side of the people

Sanctuary Cities
In a sanctuary city, officials implement policies to restrict local police from turning immigrants over to federal immigration agents and declare in no uncertain terms that immigrants are welcome - create a doc spelling out ways to get this accomplished in local communities

I have a web site all ready to go. www.totheleftoftheweb.org for anyone who has ideas and wants to help add content. You can contact me through the site. It's still a work in progress. I want it to be fully functional and updating daily by the inauguration.


With the Republicans barely having a majority in the Senate it should be possible to stop Trump's more extreme proposals. Certainly repealing many environmental regulations will be difficult. Americans certainly don't want their drinking water polluted and do not want to breathe air that will cause asthma and other respiratory conditions. They don't want to go back to the days where a river was so polluted in Ohio that is caught fire and some cities such a Pittsburgh were filled with smog. People are afraid of eating foods contaminated with pesticides. They also don't like mercury in their tuna fish. Lobbying Congress by environmental organizations and individual citizens should pay off when it comes to attempts to roll back certain environmental regulations. Trump has mentioned some goals that people on the left could support so it is unlikely his entire agenda will have to be opposed. He isn't Ted Cruz. If he had won in some ways things could have actually been worse. Trump is now doubt the bigger danger given the fascism and racism stuff but a case could be made for Cruz being worse given his views on shrinking government.


I've a fix for Social Security. Actually, my brother's idea..
As a retired union worker, I have a union pension co.ing to me monthly. Nothing huge, but comfortable with everthing paid off.
I receive a Social Security check every month, likewise, nothing huge.
But combined, my total income surpasses some arbitrary limit written somewhere that says I receive too much money, and that I must pay taxes on half my SS.
I would suggest that portion of tax receipts derived from half of my SS be returned to the Social Security Trust Fund instead of the Federal General Fund.
And it doesn't cost taxpayers anything.


Excellent thoughts in the above posts. I would attempt to make them one degree different.

As nominees and policies emerge, separate ordinary conservative types from "alt-right" types. The "alt-right" (=neo-Nazi) types lead to downright dangerous outcomes. Dangerous for our constitutional traditions.


How about protests in front of these places then?


14 or Your idea goes here: TOTAL, ROLLING, NON COOPERATION


Good ideas and better late than never but should this not have been happening 20 years ago?


I think that the difficulty here is that the elected Democrats are not on the same page as the rank and file who would protest Trump.

Assuming that one does not feel that everything was hunky dory and then Trump walked in, the motives and manner of our elected representatives should still be under a good deal of suspicion and scrutiny. The one good thing I see about this wave of still fairly random upset is that it does involve displeasure by a population that has every right to be displeased against a politician whom they have good reason to be displeased with.

It does not make much sense that it should be a lightning rod to draw protest and suspicion away from the people most instrumental in putting everyone in this mess, and a lot of that group involves our elected officials, certainly including elected Democrats.

If elected officials suddenly decide to do something good, that would be great. But so far I don't see that any change that goes past rhetoric is likely to swing our way.


So writ letters and articles where they WILL be published: Local weeklies, online sources such as Huff Post, your local radio station website.


I guess I'm just tired. I'm working as a PCP in the local Dem party.

I wish everyone all the best in marches and protests, if you have the time and money to take part. I'd like to see change where it can make a difference, on the Hill, too.

But yeah, have at it! I remember when we protested long enough about a war, it actually stopped. But they don't seem to pay us much mind, anymore. Here's hoping it does everything you hope it will do! Sincerely.


I like the idea of a national day of unity, but that's very different from 50 weeks of protest, to my thinking. I'm very much with joesalt that blanket opposition to anything and everything Trump is a very bad idea. The millions of people who voted for him, most out of desperation because their needs have been ignored for decades, deserve to have their voices/votes treated with respect first and foremost. Opposition to specific policies must come, and strongly. But opposition will be orders of magnitude greater if it comes from a coalition that includes those who are sick of being left out. (Do we just want to be right, or do we want to be successful?) I fear that the insistent calls for protest seem to target Trump's voters in blame/shame as much as Trump himself. And some of the things listed in his wish list are good in theory, like withdrawing from the TPP and a 5 year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service, correct?




Jneastra - was with you to the last half of the last sentence.

To characterize Reich as "operat[ing] skillfully" within the "charade of democracy" suggests that he is engaged in a conscious act of deception - urging masses to engage in democratic action to fix the system in order to "create the illusion of democracy"...

...versus the more sociologically penetrating, Marxist conception of ideology in which people operate unconsciously within belief systems.

This distinction is especially germane to thinking about intellectuals - such as Reich - in liberal democracies.

As my next post proposes, Reich is not dishonest; he is divided.


Why is this all about immigrants ? Are they the only protesters? How about the millions of American workers who have had their jobs outsourced for the last thirty plus years, and now you're worried about illegal immigrants taking our jobs?


How about a day of no shopping at corporate stores this Friday? Hit them in the pocketbook. And by the way when it was time for the dems to punish Wall Street, they did not. Instead it was more important to protect illegal immigrants. People are angry. Millions of workers lost their jobs, and over 5,000 committed suicide, and no one not even Obama wanted to discuss it. No buy Friday.


Great idea. Also please join us in no buy Friday to not support corporations.