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The First 100 Days of Resistance


The First 100 Days of Resistance

John Nichols

The awful irony of Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president is that a man who is still frequently described as “erratic” has governed as an entirely predictable corporate conservative—as everyone paying attention knew he would. Trump was always going to choose billionaire-ism over economic populism.


What has energized the resistance is the threat of the US becoming a fascist country. Or the looming possibility of a Trump dictatorship. And in addition the a revulsion against the white supremacy movement and the presence of Steve Bannon as a leading figure in the administration. As long as the possibility of Trump becoming a dictator exists the resistance should remain strong. There is simply too much at stake to back off. It would probably take Trump's impeachment and removal from office to slow down the resistance. And every time there are reports of inhumane treatment by the ICE police or plans of funding cuts that would create hardships for millions or speed up the time to climate catastrophe the resistance gets recharged. But it is scary because things could get much worse. There could be some sort of terrorist attack resulting in Trump declaring a state of emergency and all freedoms could be jeopardized or there could be roaming bands of white supremacists attacking non-whites and Jews with the government looking the other way. It appears we will need almost 1,500 days of resistance. All people resisting should realize that and be prepared for a long haul of resistance.


"The THREAT of the US becoming a fascist country" ? For anybody not locked in closet for the past three decades, the "threat" turned to fact when that train left the station long ago and the last remnants of the track and station are now being dismantled by Trump.

"And push Democrats to offer a real alternative" is a rock progressives have been pushing uphill for more than three decades.


...free of encumbrances and endorsements to big moneyed interests.

If that can be believed.

And trusted.


The Progressive Pundit's disease is of telling everybody that we should do something but usually falling short on the how to of just how we can do so! Similarly progressive blog commenters are much worse because they love to rant their we shoulds daily as if that rant substitutes for their actually going out and organizing the very thing they advocate that others need to do! Commenters love to tell others what they should do but do so without doing it themselves. Apparently the act of ranting a 'we should' hallelujah releasing endorphins or something that satisfies them until the following day.

While information is the lifeblood running through any progressive's veins...what to go and do with that information is suffering from hardening of the arteries I think.


The resistance must not only continue but grow massively-- drawing more and more new people who have not stood up before. We have seen through out history and through out the world that when the people rise up and go to the streets in large enough numbers and keep their resolve -that leaders can be forced to resign or can be impeached. It has happened over and over again--it is not always clear what the ultimate result will be -as in Egypt where a popular movement toppled Mubarik but then ended up with another authoritarian. The South Korean people just forced a corrupt leader out. The way these kind off popular protest and demonstration movement achieve success is when people keep showing up and draw more and more people to step out of their comfort zone and join. Right now we are both confronted with a morally and financially corrupt Republican party that seems willing to accept any and everything Trump does and is for the sack of power and money. Combine that with the fact that time is running out for the planet as we reach new and irreversible tipping points with climate change. So it may be that waiting to vote Trump and his regime out of office to little to late. Which brings us back to massive civil disobedience that grows large by the day or event. Which grabs the media headlines and in many cases stops everyday life so more people can't just be complacent and do nothing.


"America finally has the “CEO president” that dim-witted business-channel commentators have argued that we needed for years."

Then make the public equal shareholders of all government assets and their politician-employees answerable to their shareholders direct democratically.

There are good solutions aided by modern electronic technology, but they all entail ending (legal) political bribery, something few politicians want.


Whoever thinks they can reform the Democratic Party is not only wrong, they're completely out of touch with reality. https://dgrnewsservice.org/resistance-culture/movement-building/vincent-emanuele-indiana-democratic-party-dead/


Many agree with you except that we have little choice but to 'improve' the Dems opposition to the Repubs. Since the Dems are in office already we can at least make them act like representative government instead of their being content with being complacent ( but still reelected ) losers to the Repubs. The Dems are counting on their old mainstay that at least they are better than the Repubs to erase the bad taste they had generated in the voters minds. The fiasco of the Dems sabotaging the clear choice of the public during the nomination race hasn't been forgotten though and every day that Trump runs roughshod trampling over our democracy is very much the fault of the Dems leadership's choices during the nomination.

The voters can keep up a barrage of letters, phone calls and emails reminding the Dems that they caused the republican victory more than had the republicans! How the disunited, feuding republican clown car managed to pull out a win in the election is a lesson in backstabbing betrayal and corrupt politics. The problem is that Trump is far worse than anyone ever thought he'd be.

Hopefully our president won't go around grabbing at women's genitals as he was wont to advocate either. Aren't we proud these days in America?


Yeah, it IS the first 100 days of resistance, ain't it, John, God knows we certainly weren't resisting when the Dems pulled the same crap ... Well i suppose better late than never, until we can get the blessed Ds back in power and then we can go back to sleep ....

Anyone who hasn't seen Mouseland really ought to ....


"Advice" for Progressives from a Bernie Denier.

Rather, sit in the back of the Classroom, and learn.


Reform the Democratic Party? Talk about progressives getting trapped - yet again - into rolling a boulder up a hill.

Resistance need not be an either/or proposition, however. By all means, keep the pressure on the Democrats, but there should still be room on the table to work on a new People's Party or similar organization free of Democratic party influence. A long shot? Sure, but so is reforming the Democratic party. Shumer, Pelosi, Clinton, et al, are not about to meekly step aside and allow a bunch of unwashed street people populists into their country club party.