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The First 100 Days of Resistance


The First 100 Days of Resistance

Richard Eskow

Donald Trump’s 100th day as president is upon us, and the early reviews aren’t good. Although he now calls it a “ridiculous standard,” Trump once touted his 100-day plan on the campaign trail. This flip-flop can be explained by his unimpressive record of accomplishment to date.


Resistance to the Trump/Republican agenda unites us. Talk about a vision divides us. This is exactly the same situation on the Republican side. The resistance to the Obama agenda led by the Tea Party united the right wing but the Republicans are very divided when it comes to a vision. At the extreme are those that want to pretty much dismantle the federal government except for the Pentagon and those who want to work with the Democrats to get something positive done. On the Democratic side most of the people favor progressive policies but there is a big split with regard to corporations and banks. The majority of the Democrats seem to be center left but the progressive wing has a large following. Given the threat of fascism represented by Trump it would seem wise at this time to focus manly on resistance. That is what Indivisible is doing and right now that is what make the most sense.


"Resistance" sounds too much like playing defense.

If the best defense is a good offense, we might change our approach. Instead of trying to stop or bring incremental changes to a rigged archaic system, we could opt for a secure new online system.

Direct Online Democracy


If we continue to allow the Local Democratic Party Leaders in our states to Control what decisions are made, and completely ignore the People's wishes on those decisions, like they did with electing Tom Perez over Keith Ellison to Chair the DNC, we are going to see mega change in this Party and it won't be the kind we hope for. People will continue to LEAVE this Party if we are not heard. Perez was OBAMA's choice, not the People's choice. State Party Leaders TURNED OFF their websites comment sections to block people from voicing their desires. That is not the way to hold your constituents in high regard. It is not the way to influence UNITY.


When will there be a march against Trump's sending an armada to South Korea and engaging in war games. including with a nuclear powered, nuclear arms capable vessel. This is insane and is in violation of Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights*; "the propaganda for war is prohibited". For years North korea has indicated that if the US would end its aggressive advances in South Korea, Norths Korea would back off its actions. China has also asked the US to end the years of provocation..

  • one of the few international instruments which the US has ratifiied