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The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda


The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda

Robert Reich

Trump’s First 100 Day agenda includes repealing environmental regulations, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act, giving the rich and big corporations a huge tax cut, and putting in place a cabinet that doesn’t believe in the Voting Rights Act or public schools or Medicare or the Fair Housing Act.

Our 100 days of resistance begins a sustained and powerful opposition. Here’s what you can do (it will take about an hour of your time each day):



Form of resistance #1 on Michael Moore's "Morning-After To-Do List" is "Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people. They have failed us miserably."

A progressive rising up against the Democratic Party that, arguably - and it is a crucial, central question raised by many progressives - was a major cause for Trump's disastrous win...appears not at all in your to do resistance list.

Both you and Mr. Moore are kinds of progressives.

Without assuming one or the other of you is right, could you kindly, simply explain the reason for your complete omission of this question from this...or, to my knowledge, any of your writings?


While the news media is saying that the Apprentice ratings are down because Trump is no longer on the show, I think they may be down because viewers are already boycotting the show with the knowledge that Trump is still profiting from the show.


I'm with you, baska. Progressives must grab the reins of their party. With four years of difficult challenges and opportunities ahead, establishment Dems are focused on persuading the world (by innuendo) that Vlad Putin rigged the election for the Trumpster. It looks for all the world like they're trying to spark a new Cold War. And how can the Democratic resistance fail, with Hillary acolyte Donna Brazile at the helm of the Rapid Response Team, aided by clueless insider Leon Panetta? (.....sarcastic snickering.....)The Donald must be shaking in his boots! (.....more snickering.....) The only Dem who has shown any grit and purpose in opposing the Donald is Bernie. He's the leader of the Dems now, DNC opposition to Trump is worthless, and any donor who contributes to the DNC establishment airheads is only funding Hillary's vendetta against everyone she blames for her humiliating defeat. No money for the DNC until Keith Ellison is placed in charge and the Olde Guarde is booted out!!!


A popular online up or down vote for every law, with the security of encryption, is 21st Century democracy.

Online Direct Democracy


In the proverbial nutshell -- too little, too late. A good many people knew that the years of the Obama administration represented our last chance to pull the "masses" together, to be able to push back (against what does meet the definition of fascism). Obama seemed to be surprisingly open to this this, and liberals (media) were not.

You have to look back to understand where we're at now. The Reagan Revolution wasn't just an oddity of the 1980s. It has been ongoing. Reagan set the stage, and the focus of the years since was on splitting apart the "masses" -- those who had previously united to push back, for the common good. We've been deeply divided by class and race, pitted against each other. Divide and conquer.

Resistance? Writing a letter to your representative in Congress? Like we've been doing for so many years? Right. Stay passive, and behave. Remember what Big Bill told us: All we need to keep in mind is, "Get up every morning, work hard, and play by all the rules." And send your urgent donations to the Democratic Party.


Which still shuts out a good chunk of the country -- all those who have been priced offline.


What percentage of Americans use Trump products? Only a sliver of the bourgeoisie.


Haha, fuck. Bumperstickers and letter writing. Whatever.


"4. Boycott all Trump products, real estate, hotels, resorts, everything. And then boycott all stores (like Nordstrom) that carry merchandise from Trump family brands."

I like this one best. Economic consequences will get the greedy man's attention. Enough with indignant letters and symbolic gestures. Trump simply ignores them, or hits back with his own symbolic bludgeons. Trump and his gang are looters, and looters are far more sensitive to economic loss than to mere condemnation. To maximize its reach, the boycott should be extended to include businesses that rent Trump properties.


It doesn't really count as a "boycott" if we can't actually afford the hotels, resorts, shops, etc. when I've never been able to afford that kind of lifestyle anyway. I mean, by a very peculiar way of definition, I've been "boycotting" Trump my whole life.

Oh, I forgot -- I'm not one of those affluent, gentrified-neighborhood-living liberals -- you know the lucky folk that Mr. Reich hangs out with. Maybe Mr. Reich's article isn't for people in lower tax bracket like me!

I was thinking something a bit more along the lines of the Jacobins myself.


Totally agree with this. And all the anti Putin, anti Russia nonsense is totally confusing the real issues that we must be watching to oppose or support. It's almost as if Hillary and the CIA are attempting a coup in the USA.


Most have a cellphone or landline. The few that do not can vote in traditional ways.

If we can use today's technology for buying, selling, banking, spying, learning, communications and so on, isn't it time we used it to govern ourselves securely with encryption? The alternative is government by billionaires and the politicians they own.

Online Direct Democracy


Not watching Television shows associated with tRump (Apprentice, Miss USA etc) also counts as boycott. Boycotting businesses that do business with tRump would also be very good and effective, if we let those businesses know why they are being boycotted.



Well, I haven't owned or watched the teevee since 1994 -- it's all brain rot at best, capitalist propaganda at worst. Happily, I don't even understand cultural references to characters of shows like "Seinfeld" or other popular shows (whatever that might be).


I congratulate you for boycotting the teevee itself! So your boycott is even more wide-ranging than boycotting the abominable orange-man! I wish more 99%-ers to be inspired by your example.



Personally disagree with you there. Many of the fascist systems that Trump will now inherit were used and entrenched by Obama. Sure he said a lot of things that might have given the idea that he wanted to work with the masses but his policy decisions and actions says otherwise.


Republicans set the stage in 1965 after they lost the presidential election, starting creating a vast network of PR and law firms masquerading as think tanks, and began using right wing money to control the media and the message. Washed-up low-IQ actor Reagan would never have been elected without the intervening 15 years of relentless repetition of right wing frames and subterranean planning and organizing.

but yes, letter-writing, while still a good idea, is hardly enough. Shutting down industries and governments who refuse to embrace reality? Where's that on the list?


Absolutely astounding that there's no mention (#7) of any action or group to support on the issue of climate catastrophe. We've already waited so long to eliminate fossil fuels that we can't avoid the most horrific global conditions in human history. If we wait any longer we won't be able to save civilization at all, most life on Earth will become extinct, and the extinction of humans becomes more and more likely. Civilization's unraveling has already started (Tropic of Chaos, Christian Parenti, only in every country including ours) and we almost certainly have less than a decade to virtually eliminate fossil fuels. Give time and money to 350.org, Take theclimatemobilization's pledge to support only those candidates who also pledge to make a WWII-level industrial mobilization happen--to build efficiency and renewable infrastructure, reforest the planet and switch agriculture and industry to ecological forms. Pair that with climatehawksvote.com, or other climate action groups. There are related issues that will make climate action possible and effective, but if we don't fix the climate crisis in time, no other issues will matter.