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The First Amendment Looks Especially Beautiful in Arabic


The First Amendment Looks Especially Beautiful in Arabic

Maya Berry

In 2006, a human rights advocate, who is a friend, was prevented from boarding his flight from New York to California because of Arabic.


Danny Thomas was the son of Immigrants from Lebanon.

He founded St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

I watched his Family Friendly Television Show my entire childhood, and felt about him as if he was one of my own Family.

He was my INOCULATION against any attempted Dehumanization of anyone of Arabic background, and if anyone of my Generation (post WWII) would care to think about it, it would serve as such for them, too.


The Great Ralph Nader is also the son of Lebanese immigrants-
Just look at all he has done for America and had A Trump been in charge back when his parents came to America, look at what we would have missed out on....
Also, Steve Jobs was A Syrian migrant refugees child...
The list is nearly endless...


There is a calligraphy tradition dating from the 13th century. Here is one example in a Sufi fable from 1291:

Here is a translation of its text in English

This is just one example of what predatory capitalism since the 15th century has been disrupting, distorting destroying and taking from since then.