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The First Democratic Debate Was a Circus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/27/first-democratic-debate-was-circus

The MSNBC ‘youthful’ presenters came across as narcissistic poseurs-for-promise of the DNC/DCCC coffers. Media is eating itself no less than the financial construct of predatory capitalism. That dog don’t hunt, as the old saying goes. The general impression I got was that it was a curtain call for something so broken there aren’t even terms and narrative for it yet.

Medicare for All
Public banking
Living wages
Forgive Student Debt ( its been a scam anyway)
Fully Fund Public Education
Make Water a Protected Public Utility
Full Transparency on Weather Modification Practices
End war powers without congress
Full dignity for refugees
Ten year hiatus on all tax loopholes for incomes over $1 million.
Transparency on off-shore accounts

Impeach Trump to prove that public fear of Pence becoming de-facto president in a successful impeachment CANNOT be used as a mafia threat tactic holding everyone hostage in order to continue abuses of power.

Add from the list of essential concerns


Missing is Senator Mike Gravel, the only candidate with a plan to democratize our government.


In my view, Amerika is now a Mafiaocracy complete with It’s Don and it’s obscene lieutenants like Bolton and Pompeo. And is using the military as it’s enforcers and hit men.


While the source FOXnews I see no reason to doubt the substance of this article and it very interesting.

I did not watch the debates but this suggests a whole lot of people who did were very curious about Tulsi Gabbard. It seems Americans are really tiring of all those wars and it well might be a bigger issue than health care for all (Albeit less spending on war means more for social spending programs)


For what they’re worth, and it may be little, the three online polls that were done to determine people’s opinion as to who won the debate, were all won handily by Tulsi Gabbard. Also, as you said, she was the most researched on Google during the debate, by far.
Yet the PBS and CNN articles I read on the debate, long articles, didn’t even mention her once, as though she wasn’t even there. This article also didn’t even mention her.
That’s reason enough to vote for her, right there.

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Medicare for All is synonymous with single payer. Of course private disappears. Good riddance.

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ANd yet, this morning on CNN they made a huge deal about Julián Castro being the most searched on google! WTF? They had him on live for a lengthy interview this morning in the 6-7am CST slot

Perhaps you are referring to this paragraph:

> “However, she didn’t take up the most convincing line of response to the canard that Medicare-for-all means lots of people losing their insurance (brought up by most of the other candidates), which is to point out that the private employer-based system already throws about a quarter of people with this coverage off their insurance every year — causing roughly 180 million insurance loss events over four years Medicare-for-all would cause a huge net decrease in the amount of insurance lost, and abolish it permanently thereafter.” (Emphasis mine.)

This is the most disingenuous argument of all, and coming from so-called Democrats, enough to turn the stomach.

How can anyone with a conscience stand there, bald-faced, and try to frighten people by telling them they will “lose” their insurance, when the fact is that everything from a paper cut to a kidney transplant will be done at no cost to them just for walking in the door of the doctor’s office or hospital? Under a true single payer system no one will ever see a bill for any medical procedure, and for-profit insurance will be superfluous or nonexistent.

Yes, you will “lose your insurance,” and everyone will gain universal, single payer health care. Sheesh…


Fox wasn’t the source of the google searches. that would’ve been google…:slight_smile: They just reported it. They really do that once in awhile.

CNN and even PBS are concerned about offending some of their major sponsors – members of the Military-Industrial Complex – so of course they’re not going to recognize anyone who might meddle
with the profiteering thereof from the endless wars in the Middle East or – heaven forfend – spend
our tax revenues on frivolous domestic programs instead of much-needed military hardware.

The whole thing is just a media circus anyway — a horse race between (mostly) horse’s asses — so
what difference does it make of one of the ponies falls through the cracks, just so long as the ratings remain high?

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OOoooops — Gotta Go Now.   Tonight’s hilarious but heart-warming episode of The Dirty (Two) Dozen starts in just forty-five minutes, and I still need to pop some corn and pop a bottle (or two) of GRAMPS Chromo Crude Triple Chocolate Stout . . .

Ha! what a joke! Just a bunch of the oligarchy’s hand puppets.

There is a way to do this-----give each candidate 30 secs. to respond to a topic ----then allow 5 min for discussion of that topic. It’s kind of amazing how some people here don’t seem to understand the importance of this event-----just look at the impact Sanders has had on conversation for the past three years.-------------And when you don’t watch the corporate media can spin away and you have no understanding how to respond.

I am a Warren supporter right now-----But Tulsi Gabbard won the night------and it was a question from Maddow------Tim Ryan was making a case for never ending war and Tulsi Gabbard called him out on it-----this also was a glimpse of democrats supporting the war machine.--------My problem with Gabbard is she did not bring up sanctions on Venezuela --I do not think Gabbard is qualified to be president but I hope she stays in to communicate real foreign policy issues.

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I was impressed that the Democrats were feeding on each other. Maybe there is hope for this country after all. I will vote for whoever wins the nomination.

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I just watched the Tulsi Gabbard/Tim Ryan exchange. She tore him a new one and note how the Interviewer cut away as soon as she mentioned the fact that Saudi Arabia was protecting Al Qaeda.

I note the comments section underneath and she has a whole lot of support.

From the outside looking in , I am in concurrence with others making this observation. The Media is going out of the way to minimize the exposure Ms Gabbard gets and this in and of itself tells me that someone is more afraid of her message getting out to the masses than any others.

Elizabeth Warren is getting a lot more exposure. This tells me that they are not as afraid of what she is saying.

Its interesting to watch the corporate media after the second debate-----and clearly Biden is done-----there is no way Biden can take on Trump------he looks like a bumbling fool----he said it himself " I am done" —commentators like Mark Shields and Joe Scarborough are saying democrats will not win if they continue supporting real healthcare for all-----all day corporate “news” people were trying to salvage Joe Biden . Harris did a good job but I wonder how much of this was planned. It will be interesting to see Harris and Warren in a debate------Bernie might be the last one standing—