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'The First Time... But it Won't Be the Last': Climate Activists Warn California's First Gigafire Is the Shape of Things to Come

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/first-time-it-wont-be-last-climate-activists-warn-californias-first-gigafire-shape


How many acres are left to burn? At some point it’ll all be burnt up.

i keep trying to get people in my neck of the woods to understand that this is more than a news story; it’s a Flash of the Future.

It sails over their heads.


Our compadres with fins, wings, 2,4,8,and scores of legs are in the process of being poisoned by delusional human beings addicted to a deadly set of ideas that in essence claim that EVERYTHING is on the alter of sacrifice for … what precisely?
The insensate ‘ah… nothing new here, its always been this way. You know, survival of the fittest’. Wanna run that by me one more time?


All the media(owned by just six corporations) report on is the human toll, and precious little about that. Nothing is said about the quintillions of other beings affected by these fires. The soil microbes that the rest of the web of life depend on.
Homo sap deserves to be erased so Gaia can repair and rebuild. We were too smart for our own good, thinking we were chosen to dominate both Gaia and each other.
And Gaia is hitting the reset button…


Coming soon to the only living planet near you:
Anthropogenic Mass Extinction: Endgame


If you want a forest west of the Mississippi, you’ll have to manufacture it from something other than wood. This may also be true of all other forests worldwide with few or no exceptions.

And now for something completely different:

"The application phase of the Helsinki Energy Challenge ended on 30 September. The competition inspired 252 teams from 35 countries from around the world to participate. The participating teams presented their proposals on how Helsinki can stop using coal for heat production as sustainably as possible by 2029 and speed up its journey to becoming carbon-neutral by 2035.

The Helsinki Energy Challenge received a higher number of proposals than expected. Competition entries came from different parts of the world, from 35 countries in total – the majority from Finland, Austria, Sweden, the US, Germany, the UK and Canada. Many of the participating teams are great examples of cross-disciplinary and international competence – the competition inspired innovators from around the world to join forces.

The proposals entered in the competition involve several different types of solutions and plenty of brand new ideas and concepts. They include solutions in which existing technology is combined or used in new ways, as well as proposals that involve technological or non-technological innovations.

“I’m extremely happy that the Helsinki Energy Challenge that I launched reached this much interest both here in Finland and in other parts of the world. During the discussions held in the first phase of the Challenge, it became obvious how extraordinary project we have launched and how many positive things it has brought in these otherwise difficult times. With the help of this competition, we wanted not only to find answers to our own energy challenge, but also to offer Helsinki as a platform where new, sustainable and future-proof solutions can be built. It seems we have succeeded in this extremely well, as well as in our goal to give rise to discussion and new kind of thinking on this important topic, both nationally and internationally. Climate change is a global crisis, which we can manage only by clearly raising the level of ambition. I’m glad that many of my colleagues from around the world have expressed their wish to follow our example and are looking forward to the lessons and solutions gained from the Helsinki Energy Challenge,” says Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori .

“We are extremely positively surprised by the exceptional teams formed through the Helsinki Energy Challenge. These teams surely have the potential to produce creative and critical innovations also in the future, for the needs of other cities as well. The competition has also created completely new type of collaboration between Finnish and international innovators. Hopefully, this will create new international opportunities for these teams in the future. Helsinki Energy Challenge is not only a challenge competition, but also an innovative public procurement process. This is why we unfortunately cannot publish the content of the solutions yet. However, I dare to say already that the Helsinki Energy Challenge will have many positive effects that we may not have even anticipated,” says Project Director of Helsinki Energy Challenge Laura Uuttu-Deschryvere ."

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With studies worldwide increasingly showing poor recovery, or no recovery – no saplings getting started after super-hot megafires – it’s apparent we’re watching the global transition of forest ecosystems to something else. Hot, dry months are overwhelming forests in every hemisphere – eliminating forests, which in turn imposes dramatic changes on the hydrological cycle. Too many entangled climate variables are involved for any useful prediction of what sort of landscape might replace all the forests, or of how long there might remain any lands hospitable to human habitation.


very discouraging, despite this no signs of anyone changing behavior, even in CA those not in fire zone keep driving everywhere, eating meat etc everyone hoping some miracle technology will come along to maintain such life styles, encouraged by most of the enviro movement that keeps talking about “clean” renewable energy, “clean transportation” (aka electric cars, SUVs…)

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