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The Five Lamest Excuses for Hillary Clinton’s Vote to Invade Iraq


The Five Lamest Excuses for Hillary Clinton’s Vote to Invade Iraq

Stephen Zunes

Former senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton is the only candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination who supported the invasion of Iraq.


It's simple; she does exactly what Israeli lobby tells her to. AIPAC is connected to the wall street power houses, the corporate media, Zionist Hollywood, the Vegas gambling casinos, gold and diamond trade and other well placed neocon elites. Mrs Clinton is showing her true colors as the days go by. Contrast her to Elizabeth Warren who would be president one day and deservedly so.


Question: why is HRC not being indicted for an accessory to war crimes? She admits she is guilty, "I made a mistake"! For sanctioning the murders of untold numbers of innocent people including children when she voted for THE SHOCKING AND AWFUL SUFFERING OF SO MANY INNOCENT IRAQI'S! FOR A LIE!

BS! Not a mistake! Tell the truth for once in your life Hilliary! You voted to murder; you have the blood on your hands of innocent people; your real mistake was selling out to evil; you seem to have no remorse for being complicit for the horrible suffering of so many innocent people!


Tens of millions in the streets worldwide had it right, but were pretty much told to piss off. So I say to her campaign piss off.


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To et al or anyone who can actually contact the Sanders campaign,
while the vote for the Iraq Wars were in the record for anyone to
read, how I wish the campaign staff would do a bit of research and
locate the even worsevote, (perhaps in a Defense Authorization bill?)
when Hillary voted to allow General BETRAYUS, to not only expand
the war in Iraq, but also to cross the border into Iran and attack that nation.
May take some effort to find it, but the proof could be very helpful
to add showing the truth about Hillary the Hawk.


I think it's useful for professors such as Stephen Zunes to set the record straight before those in positions of power do their utmost to set up an alternative historical narrative. In this article, Mr. Zunes does precisely that.

Much immorality, corruption, graft, and malfeasance take place under the guise of National Security. But citizens can now see that all the noise about alleged National Security has mostly resulted in 4 things:

  1. Decimated Civil Liberties inside the Homeland
  2. Increased the likelihood of an attack on the nation due to so much spreading desperation, and blowback from unnecessary wars of aggression
  3. Further emboldened the Military Industrial Complex
  4. Resulted in less money for domestic programs, necessary infrastructure investments and repairs

Since Mrs. Clinton is such an unapologetic warhawk, it's obvious that she justifies her stance in order to curry favor with the military industrial complex, the global arms' merchants, and the big banks who make a lot of money from loaning nations funds for expanding their killing fields.

It's fairly well understood that Saddam Hussein planned to trade oil OFF the U.S. dollar and it's chiefly the "Oil Dollar's" hegemonic global influence that keeps America afloat with so much bad debt.

Hillary is a shill for the Imperial State. Period.


Your comment reflects a myopic stance based on singling Israel out when it is ONE of many "dark" players.

The French want to reclaim old African colonies. The Saudis seem to have a lust for trying out all the expensive weaponry they just bought... on live targets (Yemen). The U.S. Military Industrial Complex turns out generals that become arms dealers, and it is, after all, these U.S. entities that provide MOST of the world with weapons including weapons of mass destruction. Then there are the oil barons, the bankers, the old families of royal wealth within the United Kingdom, added to less than pure motives on the part of Germany's central bankers as well as Turkey's ruling families, for that matter.

Those who ONLY castigate Israel suffer from a prejudice-induced form of tunnel vision.


This is good, but I also want to read the 5 lamest excuses for Bernie Sanders' votes to continue funding Hillary's idiotic wars.

And also, the 5 lamest reasons for Sanders to continue the Obama drone-killing program, and the unwinnable war against ISIS.


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Good answer!


Just as other presidential wannabes she voted to invade a country that never attacked the US for her own political ambitions. And what is amazing she spins it that she apologized for it in her book,and it is old news. And the pro military corporate media let's her get away with this BS answer.----This is the single reason Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president! Never mind that she is bought and owned by the banks.


There were some great speeches by Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd against giving Bush the power to go to war but the Senate seemed intent to pass on its power to declare war and instead leave it up to the president. That is not supposed to be the way it works according to the Constitution. Hillary went along with the majority of Democrats in the Senate. Looking back in retrospect it was not her finest hour. The only thing you can say to defend her is she had a lot of company. Many people who are supposed to be smart were fooled by Bush and Cheney.


I wonder if you're auditioning for the job of bathroom assistant. Seems like the only thing you're not doing is wiping the royal one's ass.


Elizabeth Warren is just as much a Zionist as Clinton.


Noone was fooled by them. They were afraid to stand up to them and lose their seats. Hillary is pro-war because she's married to Bill and both of them are hated by the military. Bill & Hillary are pro-war because they wish Bill served in Vietnam and never protested the war. The military only forgive Republicans.


I feel sorry for the Kool Aid but not Clinton.