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The Flame of Intolerance Still Flickers in Alabama


The Flame of Intolerance Still Flickers in Alabama

Amy Goodman

This week, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore released an order that no same-sex marriage licenses be granted in the state. He was responding to a decision by a federal district court that declared unconstitutional Alabama’s ban on gay marriage. When the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the state’s appeal of the ruling, the ban was legally overturned, and Alabama became the 37th state to allow marriage equality. That is, until Chief Justice Moore got involved.


Only Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, is incorrect and obviously being deliberately misleading in order to push his religion and agenda onto the rest of us. Christianity was not THE religion of the founding fathers. In fact, Thomas Jefferson openly speculated on whether or not George Washington was any kind of religious at all. George Washington was never seen attending church or praying or any other outward display of expressing a religious faith, accodring to Thomas Jefferson. So much for a respect for liberty and freedom from the christian right. They obviously believe that we all should be living the lifestyle that they think we should be living and thinking the thoughts that they think we all should be thinking. Otherwise, its oppression for you.


I am inspired that Judge Moore is an intelligent man who understands the legal implications of same-sex marriage and had the courage and commitment to the truth in the United States Christian heritage as evidenced by a 10 commandments statue on the courthouse property which he was ordered to have removed. The heritage is evidenced by uncountable monuments and displays all over the country. There is no argument based on truth suggesting that “the Christian right” believes that they think we should all be thinking the same thing. I would suggest that Mossonarock is inherently doing what he accuses the Christian right of doing.


Having all people think the same thing sounds like the very definition of religion.

Of course, one could argue that religious belief and honest thought are mutually exclusive, a perception supported by Judge Moore’s actions.



I am not telling you what to think. but I am telling you that your notion that the Founding Fathers thought that everyone in the US should be christian IS WRONG! Anyone expressing any such thing is passing along false propoganda and attempting to brainwash people in order to meet their personal agenda. Pushing your religious agenda onto me is not respecting my right to liberty and freedom!

I don’t believe that any government has any right to say who can be married to who. Governments should not be issueing anything more than Civil Unions between two or more consenting individuals who wish to share their resources and live their lives with each other for mutual benefit. If you want married, go to your favorite church… The government should get out of the marriage license business. Marriages are for churches not governments. Separation of church and state dude!!!


Well it is time for contorted reasoning and who better to do so than Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” fame with an able assist from Denis Moynihan who apparently “gives her facts when someone attacks her imagination”.
So the lawfully elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court issued an order that no same sex marriage licenses be granted in the state. Some county officials are complying with the order while others are ignoring it. Those not complying with Justice Moore’s order have had no action taken against them, while those complying with the order have been threatened with lawsuits.
So now comes the name calling. Moore is a “radical conservative” and (shudder!) “a strident evangelical Christian”. Only then is it noted that after he was removed from office for failing to remove a giant 10 commandments monument inside the Alabama judicial building, the people of Alabama promptly reelected him to the office from which he had been removed by executive action.
This really sounds like “Democracy Now” to me, but Amy is not so impressed. She writes: “Inequality, racism, segregation. These injustices persist with remarkable tenacity. I asked Montgomery-based attorney Bryan Stevenson about these courageous women. He said: *** “We have got to learn to respect
the rights of people who are minorities. … There was never a time when you could get the majority of people in the state to vote to end racial segregation.”*** Stevenson is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative,…”
So just remember this:
As the peace-prize receiving President launches his newest war against IS with the help of the rubber stamp congress of the other political party,
As the peace-prize receiving President (with the help of his former peace activist secretary of state launches yet another war with arms, combat troops, logistical support, and “advisers” in the Ukraine with the eager compliance of the opposition political party that controls congress.
Or as the Illinois governor attempts to show Scott Walker of Wisconsin that he too can thumb his nose with contempt at public employee unions and still remain in office.
These too are examples of “Democracy Now” in action and a reason that those who advocate such are being hypocritical about their desires. What they really want is “their way” no matter how indifferent or hostile the voting public is to “their way”.


This post in sticking up for the bigots of the Extreme Religious Right takes aim at Amy Goodman. You mistake the Bible Belt consensus IMPOSED by hell-fire’s lasting religious version of a Terrorist Campaign and confuse THAT with Democracy.

And putting Obama and Scott Walker into the same camp with Amy Goodman is nothing short of delusional! Your essay is a mishmash of unrelated items tossed together like a mad chef negotiating a bout with schizophrenia.


Hey, there, “Poet.” :laughing:

Just a tip about writing. Longer nonsensical pieces with laughable premises are not more effective than shorter nonsensical pieces with laughable premises.



It is humorous that the focus of intolerance is Alabama. This takes attention away from the intolerance of all these uninformed protesters to the defense of the Christian heritage of our country. There are many other states who stand in defense of the obvious. Let us all pretend that it doesn’t even say on OUR CURRENCY “In God we Trust”. Lies, distortions and omissions define the news of our media into indoctrination, distractions and treason.