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The Flawed and Corrupted Genius of American Republicanism


The Flawed and Corrupted Genius of American Republicanism

Richard Falk

The system is now so flawed that even should the Democrats manage to claw their way back to power the gap would not greatly diminish.


A lack of empathy by the wealthy correlates into more tax cuts for the elites, cuts in social services for the poor and a greater adversarial position towards the working class by the corporations that hire them.

However the cushioning effect formerly produced by representative democracy has been cast aside in favor of bald faced greed and avarice by the 1%. To achieve this greater greed democracy itself is now being attacked and steadily whittled down by the advantages accrued by the oligarchy.

The world will leave our children will be much harsher than it had needed to be with the bullying form of greed and a disdainful lack of empathy which is becoming the ethos of our nation.


To Mr. Falk: “Sounds great, won’t work.”

A constitutional convention? Are you out of your Vulcan mind?


Sounds great, BUT would need to be MADE to work.

As trends are now, the ultra-right is three states away from calling for THEIR constitutional convention.

Stay tuned. Stay ready.


Eleven points Falk cites and worth tracking in coming months for assessment of potential progress and regression to break through the media bulldozing:
Neither political party was oriented toward restoring republicanism under 21st century conditions, which would necessitate at a minimum :

  • getting rid of nuclear weapons,
  • insisting on Congressional participation in relation to acts of war,
  • safeguarding the national interest by rejecting ‘special relationships’ with Saudi Arabia and Israel,
  • conforming gun control to the true and sensible meaning of the Second Amendment,
  • heeding the call of Black Lives Matter,
  • leading the struggle against global warming,
  • strengthening the UN and
  • respect for international law, relying on ideas of common security, human security, protection of the poor, restorative diplomacy to address threats and
  • disempower adversaries rather than coercive and militarized diplomacy,
  • pursuing global justice by taking the suffering of others seriously, and
  • dealing humanely with the crises of global migration and prolonged refugee status.

In other words, the renewal of republicanism requires a new agenda, and undoubtedly requiring a new constitutional convention, and a constitution that might alone give republicanism a second chance.
-Richard Falk Oct 16, 2017

Honing our assessments of Trump the “dealer” playing chips in casino economics is, consistent in critique, Prof. Richard Wolff.
The Oct.11 session is worth downloading and perhaps revisiting multiple times.


Above is a great line from the beginning of a great paragraph, part of a great article! Thank you, Richard Falk, for this and all that you have done for peace.