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The Flight 93 Doctrine


The Flight 93 Doctrine

John Feffer

As presidencies approach their midpoints, pundits begin the inevitable search for that elusive creature: the doctrine. It’s often a quixotic quest, since presidents rarely boil down their foreign-policy visions -- if they even have them -- to some pithy essence. Then there’s Donald Trump.


The United States maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad. The United States is waging the War on (of) Terror in 76 countries, 40 percent of the countries on this planet. This IS our foreign policy; this IS our doctrine, regardless of how it is managed, labeled, or defined and, so far, irrespective if there is a Republican or Democrat in the White House. The CIA and the Pentagon are perfectly capable of waging war without the consent or even the knowledge of Congress. They no longer need a stated and defined doctrine to do so.

The danger of Trump is not that he lacks a coherent strategy or “doctrine”. It’s the fact that this incoherent, babbling idiot has access to such power. Equally disgusting is the fact that the chances of the Democrats running any candidate in 2020 that will roll back this military madness is about zilch.



I think we have a new nickname for 45.


Works for me!


Even if they were to find such a candidate, and said candidate somehow got nominated, that person’s days would likely be numbered. It has certainly happened before.


What we have to do is state level grass roots laws that forbid politicians and judges from taking money from anyone and that they have to live off their paychecks alone. Make it all politicians/judges that are elected/selected to each state including representatives, senators, judges and the president.


And…institute Public Financing of campaigns, at a much lower rate than what now exists.
Every qualified candidate gets an equal amount. When it is spent, that’s it!


The trump doctrine is “Screw you!” To anyone he perceives to be a threat because of his basic lack of insecurity and attachment apparently fostered at a young age by a mother who has been described as emotionally distant and by a father who he could please. This is the environment in which his emotional reactions and their reinforcers were high wired into his neurology. Without experiencing attached caregivers in his most vulnerable existence he naturally sees his environment as a threat. He negotiates relationships whether personal, business, or, now, the international community. These negotiations will always be predictated on his distorted perceptions of reality. Hence, the rambling, bumbling rampage through Europe. He has to win in all situations. That is very dangerous considering his distorted perception of reality and who he thinks are his enemies and his friends (I don’t think he has any friends). His rally crowds are shouting his doctrine, “Screw you” with the attendant fingers raised. They apparently suffer from the same distorted perception of reality.


By a father he could not please. He wasn’t good enough.