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The Fly In My Cell


The Fly In My Cell

Despite broad condemnation of solitary confinement as cruel and degrading treatment akin to torture - and increased efforts to ban it - the U.S. still holds up to 100,000 broken human beings, sometimes for years, isolated in what prisoners describe as "a small, dark, deep space." The Guardian's new interactive "Welcome To My Cell" and several other book and art projects seek to capture the voices of those held, alone, "grieving for their lost lives."


If an Assad or a Putin did such it would be used as proof by the media that they despots and tyrants whose governments should be overthrown.

I guess what makes it different is all of the people in US prisons are really really bad guys and all of those persons in Russian and Syrian prisons are freedom fighters.


The US obviously has a whole lot of Eichmann's atop the power ladders, from the President, no matter which party since Carter, on down. Grotesque, broadly displayed Irresponsibility has become the superior virtue.


From my own research,

I'm convinced it's taught at the Ivy League schools. Harvard, Yale and Columbia (formerly, King's College).

Secret Societies have imposing "tombs" right in the middle of campus, like Skull and Bones (yale) where it is said by intruders, profane cannibalistic rituals go on, sacrificing homeless people to "train" the future leader in the black deeds of murder.

The inner sanctum worships WAR, as the highest form of attainment, and it is featured prominently above the central alter. I've seen the videos burning humans, if they are authentic (and they look authentic to me.) This desensitizes the cabal into treating their disposable subjects as nothing but ants in a colony for the preservation of themselves and their queen.

They grave-rob and collect skulls in there as well. It's Satanic.

Dynasty Family Peer-Pressure is the root of all evil. All my posts are just my opinion only and I could be wrong about everything.



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"At a cost of about $75,000 a year, our country continues to do this"?

The author must mean "$75,000 PER INMATE" per year".

The monetary cost is outrageous, but the social cost is incalculable. We have become one of the most criminal and cruel societies in human history, rivaling Genghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, the slavers, etc. in the number of people we have murdered, tortured, imprisoned, and enslaved. And, despite all of this, Americans regard the U.S. as a great, democratic, freedom-loving and generous country.
Jim Shea


When I was a child in the 50's, all the things we were told the Soviets did that we didn't (making us morally superior) we now do. ALL of them.


Yes, Jim, as a foreigner living in this country, I am so often surprised how many Americans, in their ignorance, still consider the USA the greatest, most democratic, freedom-loving country. The facts, like that America’s mass incarceration levels match only Stalin’s times, seem to be lost somehow on people here…


Hey...you're giving Jengeez Kahn a bad rap. Its true his armies did a lot of pillaging, but if a city capitulated without a fight, they were left unmolested, only required to make a yearly tribute payment. They got to keep their form of govt. and their religion. Even those who resisted were allowed the same privileges once the blood letting was over. We, on the other hand, never leave and do our best to eradicate their culture, their govt. and their religion. Hitler, writing to Churchill through secret channels early in the war, proposed a peace deal saying that if the UK and Germany continued to destroy each other, the end result would be the "Americanization" of the world. How prophetic.