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The Fog of Intelligence (Or How to Be Eternally “Caught Off Guard” in the Greater Middle East)


The Fog of Intelligence (Or How to Be Eternally “Caught Off Guard” in the Greater Middle East)

Tom Engelhardt



What will not come out of these Intelligence experts is this wee fact.

An American firm working on the behalf of Israel announced it has found a massive oil find In Israel. The problem is the Oil is in fact in the Golan heights illegaly seized and occupied by Israel in 1967.

Sitting on the board of this oil firm are people like James Woolsely ex Cia Director, Dick Cheney war criminal , Larry Summers the same guy who foisted that bankers bailout on the public, Rupert Murdoch press baron and one Jacob Rothschild .

This is all the intelligence you need to know people as these types of people are driving policy in the Middle East. it the one percent. It not Jihadists and Muslim fundamentalists. It that 1 percent trying to get more money.

These intelligence experts are not caught off guard. They are a propaganda arm of the one percent releasing "intelligence" that has been massaged and manipulated towards a desired outcome , that being total control of everything and everyone by the Corporate state and that 1 percent. The CIA and other such "intelligence agencies" have that as their mission.


Oh, you let the genie (Genie Energy [GNE]) out of the bottle!


If there is no choice but eternal wars, we may as well wage them on the conservatives that screwed us.


Oil:-google "Levant basin". Wikipedia has it all. In brief a major sedimentary basin offshore of Ghaza, Lebanon and Syria. Oil and gas, of possibly Saudi Arabian scale offshore of Israel and by analogy potentially offshore of Ghaza, Lebanon and Syria. According to articles about the Levant basin, Israel has already indicated to Lebanon that it would use force to ensure Israel's rights to the field.


Suspira- Just one quick, curious question-
Why do you never use the word "it"? Really none of my business, again, just curious-


Yes, identify the problem, determine its source, allocate responsibility and remove those so identifief from any positions of authority, punish any criminal behaviour and ensure tjat all who were responsible fix the damge they inflicted on others.
In addition:
The USA is a democracy, which means all US citizens must be held responsible for the actions of their government. The population of the USA now therefore has to fix what their government broke. In the present case this means they have many years of work ahead of them and trillions of dollars to pay. This has to be effected without any expectations of acknowledgment or reward,
It is a sentence.


I am not sure what you mean. Please use the above post to detail where IT might have been used in place of another word. Just curious as to what your intent.