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The For-Profit College Scam


The For-Profit College Scam

Dawn Lueck

This spring, around 100 indebted college grads came up with a novel strategy for dealing with their crushing debt: They simply weren’t going to pay it.

These students — the so-called “Corinthian 100″ — attended schools owned by the now-defunct for-profit education conglomerate Corinthian Colleges.

With over 100 campuses in the United States and Canada, Corinthian’s schools — including Everest and Heald College campuses, among others — offered “career-oriented” degrees in fields such as nursing, business, criminal justice, and information technology.


The author of this article is to be commended for speaking out about the abuse the Corinthian enterprise has heaped on the students and their employees. Prisoners are nothing but numbers, and in far too many ways the students of these for-profit colleges are also nothing but prisoners.

Pwr 2 the CORINTHIAN 100 peons!


A conversation last year at the Left Forum in NYC with Richard Wolf, Chris Hedges and Cornell West on the spiritual, economic and practical aspects of the legacy and history of Thomas Paine and his work “Common Sense”.



I’m very glad that Ms. Lueck has seen the light at last, but (like many of us, including myself) she has some real atoning to do.


What an absolutely brilliant video. I suggest all people watch this.


“Tens of billions in federal student aid has flowed into for-profit college coffers and into investor pockets over the last two decades. It’s the students who are left on the hook.”

This runs parallel with the Charter School scam which Obama is shilling for… along with TPP and TIPP and drone usage. Unbelievable… the levels of graft and corruption; yet when Presidential campaigns cost $1 billion… that buys enormous returns in the form of corporate deals, a/k/a quid pro quo.


Private, for-profit colleges… well everyone should be aware that the public, “non-profit” colleges and universities have been on a decades-long binge of privatization, operating more and more like the private, for-profit schools.

We need to ROLL BACK “privatization” and take public control of educational infrastructure at every level, including those that are nominally “public” but that have essentially been privatized.


Thanks for saying that. The manner in which state owned institutions function, lie, scam and rip off the public is every bit as onerous as the so-called “for profit” universities. I am always amazed at the way the media turns a blind eye toward our publicly owned equal opportunity scam artist institutions.


Supposedly $760 return for every dollar corporations put into elections…


Now that’s “wealth creation!” A 76000$$ percent ROI…!!

Hey i thought the “investor class” was claiming that Government can not “create wealth” and that only they could!