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The Forever Prisoners of Guantanamo


The Forever Prisoners of Guantanamo

Karen Greenberg

In the spring of 2016, I asked a student of mine to do me a favor and figure out which day would be the 100th before Barack Obama’s presidency ended. October 12th, he reported back, and then asked me the obvious question: Why in the world did I want to know?


For as long as Gitmo remains open, whether we know it or not, we’re imprisoned there, too, and so is the American way of life. - Karen Greenberg

The Democrat / Republican Party has embraced the notion that the Guantanamo Bay torture/detention without charge facility will remain open.

If, as seems more likely than not, President Trump launches a war against Iran, the population of people tortured and imprisoned there will rise.


Gitmo is being illegally occupied y Americans. It is Cuban territory and should be immediately returned to that nation. It's so called lease in perpetuity is illegal in law, has no validity and was acquired under duress. The US is a disgusting nation of perverse thieves and robbers!


It is hard for me to read anything about Guantanamo. We attacked Afghanistan and then invaded Iraq with the unbelievably crass "shock and awe campaign". We filled prisons in those countries with those who were defending their country and following orders. I keep thinking, what would Americans do if we were invaded. And then to treat certain prisoners so inhumanely fills me with shame. For all the goodness we profess to have as Americans, ipso facto, no sincerely 'good' individual or government would be capable of having a facility like Guantanamo. It is a symbol of our hypocrisy, and capability for evil deeds.