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The “Forever Wars” Enshrined

The “Forever Wars” Enshrined

Andrew Bacevich

Earlier this month, I spent a day visiting Marseilles to videotape a documentary about recent American military history, specifically the ongoing wars that most of us prefer not to think about.

Lest there be any confusion, let me be more specific. I am not referring to Marseilles (mar-SAY), France, that nation’s largest port and second largest city with a population approaching 900,000. No, my destination was Marseilles (mar-SAYLZ), Illinois, a small prairie town with a population hovering around 5,000.

Sorry Andrew, it must have been awful for you researching this story. Take comfort in the fact that the topic you chose is the perfect subject to honor not just you’re son, but the loss of all of our kids and grandkids in these tragically unnecessary wars.

I ask all of you, why are we allowing our kids to be killed for other peoples financial gain???


Because if we try to do anything whatsoever to stop the insanity, or mitigate the damage, or protest the next country the wealthy Oligarchs want to destroy, we the People end up beaten, arrested, electrocuted, shot, put on no-fly lists, etc etc, and are generally reviled by the corporate-run mainstream media who has complete control over your neighbors emotions and mind.

We seem to be a pack-oriented primate species and, like the solitary confinement our government so dearly loves to impose on those that question, we don’t hold up well to torture and ostracisim by society.

The bad guys win and get wealthier and more powerful (doesn’t matter the political party), the working class poor does the killing and dying, and the rest of us hide our heads in cell phones and FaceBlech and spend a good portion of our lives watching meaningless sport spectacles and garbage designed for room temperature IQs on television.

That a good enough reply ReconFire?


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I must be a strange duck. All that you listed seem a better option to me, than the path were going down.

Because the pieces of the “financial gain” puzzle are left sitting there dumped on the table…due to the unconscious supposition that not enough interest would carry an adequate effort through to the end?

Pay no attention to the SCAM behind the curtain.

Our proxy “friends” are too much in bed with friends-of-the-decapitators. The whole thing is qwacking way too much like faux war…like some artificial DRAMA by way of which arms and plane manufacturers make out like bandits.

[May 23] “And it also is kind of a rerun of an attempted coup, which forces connected to Prabowo tried to stage in late 2016, early 2017, in what was known in Indonesia as the 212 movement, where they aligned with an Islamist street movement, which actually got broad popular support from conservative elements of the Islamist movement in Indonesia.” https://www.democracynow.org/2019/5/23/allan_nairn_deadly_protests_erupt_in

And I don’t even think, as with Libya, they’re even consciously trying to make the drama more dramatic [over the edge dramatic], but it appears as though unconsciously they keep doing so.

“How the West’s War in Libya Spurred Terrorism in 14 Countries” May 21 https://consortiumnews.com/2019/05/21/how-the-wests-war-in-libya-spurred-terrorism-in-14-countries/

Plus Hunter, Erik Prince (and McKinsey? and Dragonfly? and Palintir?) enmeshed in Chinese