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The Forgotten Plunder of Iraq

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/17/forgotten-plunder-iraq


Iraq won’t be forgotten during the 2020 election when we will be reminded daily that Joe Biden voted to invade Iraq, giving the Dubya Regime the green light to create the nightmare described in the article.

Anybody running in 2020 won’t win if they have the Iraq millstone hanging on their neck.


I’m pretty sure that the US goal was regime change that would guarantee instability in Iraq.
Instability makes plundering a lot easier. It protects Israel, too.
And with the GWOT giving a green light to fight anywhere a threat supposedly exists, expect more.


The photograph which accompanies this article is a perfect example of a “Troika of Evil and Hubris”…the 3 Amigos of death and destruction.

As inept and disgusting as DJT is, he, so far at least, has not done the lasting damage of those three.

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Why are Bush/Cheney’s heart so low? (see pic)

Sadly Irak’s plunder is forgotten, true. Reminds me that the people of Irak is also forgotten. And are forgotten the war crimes of these 3 sinister half-men. Their shortsighted horrendous policies finally led to ruin Irak, feasting on the profound chaos perpetrated by their war on terror. That resulted ultimately in inspiring a revengeful underground powerful group called Daesh to proclaime the Islamic state in parts of Irak ! Now Daesh franchises it’s own brand of terrorism worldwide so we now have to live with much more terrorist proto-groups, in much more places than before, willing to do much more harm and willing to hurt much more people than before.

Just after Desert Storm land war ended. We promised the shia that they would rule Iraq.
On April 15, 1991, we ruined the facility, 20 miles from Bagdad that produced bacteria and virus for their artillery shells. In 2005 and 2006 our army dug up 5,500 to 6,000 of these that had been buried years before. Some also contained mustard gas. Many were leaking

At least 80 american military became severley ill by contact with these poisoned armaments. One coast guardsman had simply walked by a truck loaded with these poison …

The 2003 invasion had air strikes against civilian domestic facilities, such as power plants, water, etc. This is unusual. Strategic bombing a military warehouse, airfield, communications is expected but for some strange reason, we went all in.

Then, americans paid the money to rebuild their infrastructure !!
Please note that we do not bother to update, rebuild our own.

The dollar cost is much higher than the 1 trillion the author admits to. Dubai is sitting pretty with all the corrupt deposits made there.

I believe Saddam belonged to The Baath Party, founded by a Syrian Christian; it was secular. Thus, extreme religious tensions were somewhat under control. Women were educated and Christians were even members of Saddam’s cabinet, such as Tariq Aziz, “Secretary of State.”

The USA blew all of that apart. Extremely partisan, sectarian groups have now come back in Iraq; also throughout the Middle East. It is heavily ironic that far right Christians in the USA promoted a war that has resulted in Christians leaving Iraq in hordes.