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'The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Terrified': Gas Company Sues to Destroy Small Town's Rights of Nature Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/fossil-fuel-industry-terrified-gas-company-sues-destroy-small-towns-rights-nature


On December 8 a friend’s sister’s house exploded. Apparently a natural gas leak caused the explosion.

The sister’s house is just not there now. One house next door was pushed off of its foundation and is a total loss. The house on the other side caught fire but the fire department put it out. Fortunately nobody was injured.

The gas company shouldn’t have the right to destroy anyone’s neighbors’ houses. They didn’t sign up for anything.

As for climate change, well, who is my neighbor?


Can’t buy you love but it sure can get to file lawsuits whenever one is considered part of the tool box.

How long will humans shit where they eat? IT IS wonderful to see this town fighting for the life of their community and fellow citizens. Solidarity !


What was once a beautiful country is now an explosive toxic waste! And there is no where to go to escape because then entire planet is being used as a garbage, nuclear and many other toxic wastes dump.


I’m grateful for the information about the bill banning rights of nature in the Missouri House. I just forwarded the information to some local climate activists, seeing if they are working to stop this!


Yeah, Turtle Island was once a place where humans sort of lived in balance with Nature, at least knowing they were part of the Earth, not dominators of it. Then the Europeans invaded with their culture and religion of domination and trashed the place within a mere few hundred years. The trashing went into hyper-drive these past hundred years with both a population and consumption explosion. Then there’s all the trash we’ve sent into orbit around earth.
Small wonder no intelligent alien species have contacted us. They know we’re violent, greedy, arrogant hairless and tail less apes that just never made the final evolutionary jump.
Gaia will survive, as will life. Eventually, even the forever chemicals and plastics will become space dust. The new star systems that will form after Sol dies will incorporate our garbage into some useful form, perhaps.


Lord God Almighty, can’t we take the steps necessary to make polluting corporations like PGE an endangered species?


Small wonder no intelligent alien species have contacted us.
Sekhmetsdaughter: Unfortunately this is not the case. Humanity is in great peril because of this and many are not aware and the ones in the halls of power who are aware will not reveal this, will not disclose this… since the 40s & 1950s, since the advent of the Nuclear Weapons Attacks on the people of Japan, there has been a significant increase in the number of accounts of UFOs, USO and so forth… These intelligent alien races, greatly value this planet and are very concerned that humanity is destroying it…They will not show up on the front lawn of the White House and announce themselves because that is not effective and it would destroy their plans…No they are waiting for humanity to destroy this planet’s life support system and resources, waiting for humanity to be destitute. Humanity lives in a universe of intelligent races, a very-non-human universe… this is greatly discussed in two books: Allies of Humanity; and Life in the Universe by Marshall Summers…Humanity is destroying the life support system of a planet with great biological resources and wealth and other races who also value this planet are very concerned and are not sitting idly by…

Easy to solve ,any corporation that despoils the air,land or water has to close down.
Irrevocably damaging people and employees is not profiteering but killing .

I mean it’s not difficult its obvious. Time to wake up and when we do our galactic brothers will show themselves.Our fear will desolve.

Just like RazedAwareness said, we have been given free will our collective conciousness will determine the rest.

What conciousness do you take, is it one of destruction or construction ? All things begin with you !!

So a great question to ask is …What would Love do now ?