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The Founders Created the Electoral College to Prevent a Foreign-Influenced Candidate From Winning—It Didn't Stop Trump, so Let's Scrap It


It shows just how crappy the democrats really are.


Perhaps you are responding to someone else’s post?
My post didn’t mention Senate seats much less any state giving up theirs …


Mueller likely found collusion on day two. The rest of this time has been to pile on the rest of it.


By Thom’s reasoning, it sure was a damn good thing the Electoral College didn’t select Hillary Clinton, who surpasses any eligible candidate for foreign influence, as we know from disclosures about the Clinton Foundation. So, having scrapped the Electoral College, without also having overhauled campaign finance laws, in 2016, or any similar campaign in the future, helps the American people how?


Whatever your smoking, put it down for awhile.


Might have, it would be typical for government bureaucrats to suck at the taxpayers teat as long as possible. I guess we’ll see what he can show for all them $millions he spent once his handlers say “enough”.


The Electoral College was meant to protect the economies of all regions of the country equally… in other words to prevent New York, California and Texas from getting the best economy and crushing middle America. That’s exactly what the Clinton rigged offshoring system produced. The Electoral College worked as designed to give Trump the victory based on his pre-election promises to reign in the “worst trade deals”.

Trump beat Clinton from the left, by parroting sentiments (without the actual ideas) of Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich before him.

Hartmann comes across as a neocon or an “I’m with Her” tool.


Exactly so.
And giving mileage to the discredited nonsense that the Russian state intervened in the 2016 Presidential election simply plays into the hands of the same vested interests who employ every Constitutional trick to keep the people at bay.
The basis of all reform is political honesty: what starts out with a lie will end up with demagogues ruling. While the Federalists worried about Jacobin French agents and the Republicans agonised over the influence of British gold and Tories, the speculators and financiers robbed the richest country on earth blind.


There be valid arguments both for and against the electoral college. As it has rarely been tasked with its intended purpose, it has atrophied and had no political memory of its duties. There can be no doubt that the institution failed us in 2016, but the existence of the E.C. did offer us a opportunity (an escape hatch) to avoid installing such an unfit scourge as Trump. The E.C., if it had been taking its sworn duty seriously, could have, and should have, installed someone else (anyone else) as president. Apparently there was one single elector who understood their duty and moved to create a path for an alternative to be so installed. That brave person will be a significant footnote in our political history.

I would be more than happy if the electors would, as a body, revisit their decision, publicly admit their failure, and try to reassure the American people that they have learned from this horrendous mistake, and vow never again to take their sworn duty under the constitution so lightly.


The Electoral College should go, but things will only get worse so long as we allow profoundly undemocratic election systems to remain in place. With so many elections being decided by the counting of votes by secret, proprietary programs from rich CEOs, votes that are either totally unverifiable, or simply never audited, it’s the height of foolishness to trust ANY results. The first priority should be paper ballots hand counted in public. Ranked choice voting (no taxpaper-financed party primaries) and multi-member districts using the Single Transferrable Vote method are close seconds.

Without hand-counted paper ballots, whose to say that certain states DON’T have 99% of their voters voting for one candidate?



also: Make Every Vote Count


HI plant!: well when the accusations first came out that Russia stole the election, didn’t the NSA deny it? If not them , it seems that some one of the spy groups did did…this sounds a lot like the Theresa May gang saying that the Russians poisoned a spy ( that they traded 8 or so years ago and wtf? Oh well, Theresa May is as awful as many politicians here., and of course, Facebook is despicable too.
I always thought that the Hillary screwed herself over by putting all her government email work on her home computer—planning on erasing it? I read that the Huckerbee( sp?) when he was governor did that—and it’s supposed to be government property too—yeah and I wonder about Cheney’s fire in the VP LIEbrary too. : )
Sorry Clinton lovers, but Hillary and her husband really began dismantling America back in the 1990s-----and it hasn’t stopped yet. It’s hard to believe that they both apparently became " retro Goldwater Girls, " while erasing the good stuff FDR did for the people. I love reading history–but sometimes the idea that, " knowledge is power, " morphs into, " knowledge is pain." : (


Yeah, if that is true, then he should be arrested the day he reveals that he let a treasonous, Manchurian Candidate, president head the U.S. government for two years when he had proof he was a traitor.

That would be the text book definition of treason- giving aid and comfort to the enemy for a freaking two years.

This is just about as crazy as the Russiagate nonsense that Trump was doing Putin a favor by canceling a nuclear arms treaty so he can put threatening intermediate range missiles on Russia’s doorsteps. What a Putin Puppet!


I think more things than we expect will turn out different than we expect them to. It’s taking too long for there not to be a hidden agenda.
I fully expect a false flag, or a bogus flag if you will, to usher Trump in for another four years.
He can’t relinquish the power he has been given. Too sweet of a deal for him.


Anyone who thinks the reason to abolish the electoral college is “Russia!” is either stupid or dishonest. I already know Hartmann isn’t stupid (I know that personally, by the way. We used to chat Jefferson years ago back when he was a local radio host before his eyes got big).


I agree. This article linked the electoral college, which few people now support, to Russia, without any reason obvious to me! The only thing this can be is Russia-bashing.
When a subject gets publicly dissed enough times, random people begin chiming in frequently to add to the negative sentiment. Strangely, the actions create an aura that requires enormous effort to countermand. Funny, how that works. The issue becomes “common knowledge” to many.


it’s how “conventional wisdom” forms. Sheer volume and repetition. And it’s also why scholars have such an easy time taking on conventional wisdom in their work and kicking it over in pathetic piles of fail.

The Russian argument is so transparently stupid as to beggar belief that even a fairly low IQ sentient being can fall for such a thing. It proves pretty conclusively that intelligence is no defense against even bad propaganda.




By what logic did the Founding Fathers decide a bunch of ‘electors’ will do better than the general public voters in preventing foreigners from influencing a presidential candidate? I must have had a senior moment back there.


In the end looks like HRC lost two, and Trump lost two. Three other electors, though, initially attempted to flip on Clinton. Or what have I got wrong here? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faithless_electors_in_the_2016_United_States_presidential_election

How liberal is your wing?