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The Fox is Still in the Henhouse at the Post Office

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/20/fox-still-henhouse-post-office


The premeditated partisan (and "bi-partisan) destruction of the USPS for political gain suppressing election voting, privatization for crony corporate profit, special interests and obvious corruption by DeJoy & wife profiting from investments of between $30 and $75 Million reportedly in competitors to the Service, and other special interests like banking giants installing ATM’s in USPS facilities.

All sabotage by DeJoy and Co must not only be “suspended” (DeJoy as a proven liar and trump partisan cannot be trusted) but every aspect of what has been altered and destroyed under DeJoy RESTORED - machines and personnel to pre-DeJoy status - there is also much destruction that was done prior to his tenure that needs to be repaired and/or enhanced!

The destruction of the People’s Postal Service must be stopped, and this Saturday there will be demonstrations at postal facilities all over America to demand restoration of the Service; that I consider a bedrock part of the Common Good - The Commons that serve the public, not private for-profit thieves and predators!

~https://act.moveon.org/event/save-the-post-office/search/?source=&akid=&zip=&s=&event_id=127756 - find your local demonstration by zipcode here


The British Royal Mail has been privatized, a bit by bit process over many years. The verdict is that it has resulted in poor services and a drop in revenue.

An interesting piece of history is that the postal workers union, being employees of a state-owned industry were not enamored as the other unions such as the railway or coal miners for nationalization. They understood the downside of having a government department as the boss,

Hence, they were the one union who supported GDH Cole’s Guild Socialism, a project of workers co-ownership and control.


An essay that explains the difference between common ownership and public ownership


The only political party still calling for common ownership of the means of production and distribution is the World Socialist Party of the United States



Turns out you can’t trust the Trump crew. On pretty much anything. Who knew?
Besides everyone with half a brain cell?

Of course, I say that as someone who placed a modicum of faith in 'hope and change."
Like a dumbass. A mistake I no longer repeat.

The American political system. The greatest grift that keeps on grifting.

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Yes, a “promise” from Trump, Moscow Mitch, or any other member of the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.

Short of GOP operatives being subjected to a Nuremberg style trial they will all be laughing all the way to the bank as they live happily ever after at our expense.

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