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The Fraud of the New “Family-Friendly” Work


The Fraud of the New “Family-Friendly” Work

Robert Reich

Netflix just announced it’s offering paid leave for new mothers and fathers for the first year after the birth of adoption of a child. Other high-tech firms are close behind.

Some big law firms are also getting into the act. Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe is offering 22 paid weeks off for both male and female attorneys.


Well damn, if only we lived in a democracy, where we could implement a fair and reasonable work-life balance for all workers across the economy, instead of being at the mercy of predatory profiteers.


Marissa Mayer, appointed Yahoo’s CEO while six months pregnant, was back at her desk two weeks later.

I’ll amplify RR’s remarks about Yahoo’s Mayer: Marissa Mayer is a wealthy sociopath.

She was back at work two weeks after delivery, because she had a squad of caregivers at home (and at work) for baby, not because she would have lost her job had she taken a European amount of leave. When she got back to work, she immediately set about offshoring even more good American jobs. Hurray.


Really? Marissa Mayer put herself thru school, worked hard at a startup (Google), build herself a reputation and got hired at the top level spot at a company in field not many women tend to not choose. She was 37 at the time, a wife and mother. So now she’s a wealthy sociopath? If she was out there whining and complaining how hard it is for women to succeed and how she’s being held down in a male dominated industry I bet she’d your hero, right?


Amen, sista!