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The Fringe Is Mainstream, and the Mainstream Is Fringe: Orwell, Oligarchs, and Big Brother

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/03/fringe-mainstream-and-mainstream-fringe-orwell-oligarchs-and-big-brother


Thanks for another excellent article, John. The failure to inform on the part of the MSM has had me steaming for years. In addition to all the other systemic changes that are needed, breaking up the MSM should be high on the list.


“In an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is considered a radical act” - George Orwell

Orwell was seeing the roots of the current oligarchy more than 30 years before Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981.


If this piece serves no other purpose, it highlights the cruelty of the political duopoly.

Of all the grousing in so many of the articles on CD, the failure to channel all the frustrations and disappointments into a viable third, truly representative political party seems utterly futile.

The continued analysis of the mainstream dems is as bad as the endless nightmare of all things Trump.


Meaningful progressive change will never come from the Democratic party. The leadership is unable/unwilling to rid itself of its corporate parasite.


This is what we got in 2016 - " elections are reduced to a contest between the deliberately ignored and the passionately ignorant." And people that were awake and voted either D or R were accomplices in that crime. Personally, it is stupid to vote for the lessor of two evils, because we will always end up with evil. HRC was a perfect match to Trump as selected by the reigning parties for the Elites interests. The Elite won either way.

And it isn’t just the MSM and other “news” outlets that are controlling the narrative for the elites. We now have Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al controlling who can speak, and what is acceptable “speech”. AND they are tracking everything we do on the web and storing it for future use by the elite/police state.

Since we no longer have a government or any institutions that represent the needs of the people, it seems that a revolution is inevitable. Unfortunately, before people wake up to the fact that it is the government itself that is at the root of their pain, different factions and groups will lash out at each other; as planned and fomented by the global elite in the first place.

With some luck, maybe the youth led Climate Strike Movement may bring people and factions to work together for the future of the children and the environment.


I’m not sure that in this rigged system that voting for anyone is going to get the results We the People need. The Elite control all of the levers of power in every realm. We need a new form of government. What we have cannot be reformed. It was never designed to represent We the People from it’s inception. The Constitution was written of, by, and for the rich, white, propertied male elites of their day. We have to start all over again. Maybe a confederation of the States along the lines of Canada or Switzerland Cantons.

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Excellent summation of our current state of affairs!


Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Eric Snowden are all considered radicals for telling the truth which corroborates George Orwell’s prescient 1948 statement.


What is hardly ever said is that the MSM is neoliberal, owned by giant corporations owned, in turn, by neoliberals. The Powell cretin (that Nixon put on the Supremes) was a neoliberal. Instead of having the “opposition,” the people who will have to live with what neoliberals did to the life system, in so many “silos,” or, as it’s been said for thousands of years - divided and conquered - the whole bunch of us need to speak with one voice against neoliberalism. Oligarchs, the only beneficiaries of neoliberalism, are, of course, also neoliberals.

While I’m at it, I want to speak out against the “environmentalist” mainstreamers who go to work in suits, same as neoliberals, and favor policies that leave humans in expansion mode, expanding into more and more ecosystems of critical life forms that provide something or other that keeps the life system where they are up and running, until they are obliterated by neoliberalist money seeking. Environmentalists won’t advocate for the hard ways we have to go now to survive “progress” with enough of a life system to pick up the pieces and restore what human forerunners discovered when they left the primordial waters then promptly began destroying the garden. Environmentalists won’t speak for energy descent, to get rid of the idiotic idea that we can use the same amount of energy and say, since it’s renewable, that it’s okay, but we do the same things with renewable energy we did with fossil fuel derived energy that still pollutes some sort of stuff that compromises the life system, already on its knees. For instance, our ACs emit stuff that harms the ozone layer of the atmosphere, further exposing the life system to more global heating. I’ve heard no environmentalist speak against human overpopulation, the core perversion of the life system. An overshot human species is the cornerstone of the ecological collapse now in process. Environmentalists speak of hope, when hope keeps us hoping someone else will do what needs to be done to avoid human extinction. Environmentalists continue to back human supremacy coming from an overshot species. More and more humans take more and more of the ecosystems of creatures more valuable to survival of life on this planet than environmentalists. I would say that an overwhelming majority of environmentalists aren’t even ecologically literate. Ecology remains a term rendered harmful because it would stop BAU and environmentalists typically would try to negotiate a miniscule extraction of justice from neoliberals. After about six decades, environmentalists have not prevented global warming/climate change/ the 6th Mass Extinction/ industrial meat production/industrial “farming”/ and spending more than a billion dollars per day on being bullies to take someone else’s stuff at the point of a gun, or simple credible threat, Trump’s MO, lately threatening civil war. The next generation has to do what my generation won’t, and haven’t since neoliberal police state actors started shooting us almost like they now shoot large, young, Black men like it’s for sport. We have to back up to energy usage of the last time our usage level worked, the beginning of the 19th century, before massive discoveries of oil by forerunners of neoliberals.

We’re not completely screwed unless we stand aside and let kids who can’t even vote yet fight this fight for ecological justice - injustice is denying another the means to a full life. Who has that in the US but oligarchs and neoliberals and their sycophant handmaids, more ecologically illiterate than newborns, in Koch financed think tanks dedicated to converting more of the life system into money.

Healing our volition is the first act of the liberation of life from the parasites who seize power for power’s sake - the power to convert life into money. Second is consciousness change - mainly ending passivity to the destruction of the life system. Third is resisting the parasites who take and never give back. Fourth is creating alternatives and populating them outside BAU. The overarching fifth act of liberation is building community in our neighborhoods, our civic boundaries (towns, cities, etc.) and in the trenches where we take our final stand, and make the bastards kill us fast instead of waging economic war on us so we spend the rest of our lives miserable then we die. Die now to stop the economic war, if necessary. If no one will do it, we are totally screwed. As a student of Human Ecology and Political Ecology, this is what I see.

Gee the last time I looked there were a bunch of Democrats are advocating for these policies. Elizabeth Warren, now leading the pack, has come out for the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Beto O’Rourke talks endlessly about gun control. Bernie Sanders plus a whole slew of Dems have come out in favor of a $15 minimum wage with Democratic Governors implementing that in their States. So tell me. Where do the Republicans stand on these issues. Which one of them have taken a stand in support of any of these issues. How liberal of you to bash the only Party that would ever do anything on any of these issues while giving the Republicans a pass. Please. Unlike the Republicans, Democrats are not monolithic and if there is any hope to be seen it’s going to come from them.

It is their electorial system which has failed Americans. Popular vote would have seen Bernie easily win the 2016 election but he was somehow disqualified. Has anything been changed yet so this can’t happen again?

Slight correction: It’s Edward not Eric…

Thanks for the correction.

Healinghawk: Few USAns are able to understand that “neoliberalism” is a belief that markets are self-sufficient and need no regulations and are the best guarantees for human welfare. Markets will solve our social problems, too. Social relationships are heavily influenced by something other than ethics. But his indictment of Madam Pelosi is masterful and people must be brought to understand how she individually and how she collectively with Mitch McConnell has subverted the America we ordinary citizens continue, like the blocks and stones and worse than senseless things we are, to hold dear, celebrating our “patriotism” as we do so. Conscience is dead and America has become a Carnival of Crime far beyond the State of Connecticut.


Great piece.

“With one party—the Democrats—rejecting popular policies and embracing unpopular ones on behalf of the rich, while the other is embracing a cult of hate, fear and blame, elections are reduced to a contest between the deliberately ignored and the passionately ignorant.”

Great quote.

One tiny point:
“it is, literally, a man-bites-man story”

Nope, it’s not. It’s figuratively or metaphorically a “man-bites-man story”. It is by analogy or allegory a “man-bites-man story”. It is like a “man-bites-man story”.