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The Front Page Rule


The Front Page Rule

Kathy Kelly

After a week here in FMC Lexington Satellite camp, a federal prison in Kentucky, I started catching up on national and international news via back issues of USA Today available in the prison library, and an "In Brief" item, on p. 2A of the Jan. 30 weekend edition, caught my eye. It briefly described a protest in Washington, D.C., in which members of the antiwar group "Code Pink" interrupted a U.S.


How more poetic could America deliver freedom than on the wings of a drone.


Our guys get to go home after a day of surveillance & killing to their families and have dinner. This abstract warfare porn is hugely disrespectful of life and perpetrated by people who should know better.


Kelly’s CD author bio needs updating: “Kathy Kelly, a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence and is presently a guest of the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul.” Nope, she’s not in Kabul!


Kathy Kelly an angel of peace, is in prison while the angel of death and the epitome of an egregious, war criminal, Kissinger; is a fascist, and a national political, hero according to the fawning parasites called the MSM; has been paid millions in taxpayer $ and should be in handcuffs and indicted for war crimes is walking around free.


Freedom fries
On the wings of a drone
Angel of death
Delivering fire by phone
War zone, exported
Body, exploded
Truth, distorted
On the wings of a drone


For those who are able to do so, come and join members of Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, and other worthy peace organizations in Shutting Down the Drones at Creech AFB in Indian Springs Nevada March 2-6.



Veterans For Peace


Great article and I am delighted that Kathy is able to receive books and write whilst she is unjustly in jail for having made a peaceful non-violent protest. Where are the supposed Freedom of Speech hypocrites spouting “Je suis Charlie”?
The photograph of the startled Kissinger recoiling from the chains reminds me of Scrooge encountering the ghost of Jacob Marley in Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”. The old elephant hides of these amoral murderers will soon be dust, just like all their many victims. Do they ever repent or express sorrow - or do they continue to deceive themselves to the bitter end?
As always, the words of JFK’s Peace Speech resonate in my consciousness: “For in the final analysis, we all live on the same small planet. We breathe the same air. We cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal”. What words of wisdom, kindness or compassion can the likes of Schultz, Albright or Kissinger leave Humanity?
Kathy, I hope you can continue to make full use of your time in jail and reflect on all those greats who suffered likewise for a cause they believed in. They may take away your liberty, but they cannot take away your Spirit.


“As always, the words of JFK’s Peace Speech resonate in my consciousness:…”

Much like Obama, JFK gave a few great speeches. Too bad he didn’t practice what he preached and became just another war criminal president guilty of crimes against humanity…


Spoken like a true believer! Alas (for all of us) the true legacy of JFK lies a moulderin’ in the grave to which both were consigned by all of those who opposed his ideas of Peace, which he had always understood to be the prime responsibility of all heads of state. How to put this succinctly? Just suppose for an instant that the Warren Commission was wrong i.e. that one ‘magic’ bullet could not have inflicted all 7 wounds to JFK and John Connally attributed it (which idea even John Connally and his wife scorned) then that can only mean a highly organised conspiracy followed immediately ever since by a ruthless cover-up and massive propaganda these last 51 years. But who would do this and why? Only the CIA has the ability to lie, murder and control propaganda? But why? The CIA were patently beyond presidential control and were acting purely on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex just as Eisenhower had warned in his Valedictory and as Truman observed 1 month after the assassination. You claim/blieve that JFK committed crimes against Humanity. Interesting. Even the CIA (nor neocons like Philip Zelikow) cannot deny that JFK defied all military and political advice to invade Cuba in October 1962 and chose instead to defuse the crisis via Diplomatic back channels. What none of them knew was that the Russian nuclear missiles on Cuba were ready and their commanders had autonomy to deploy them in the event of an American attack. Had JFK listened to the hawks, you would not be alive today (though the living would envy the dead). JFK knew that in defying his generals he was risking a coup and his own death, but never thought twice about the greater good. If you were remotely interested in knowing the truth about the last 50 years, just read one book: James Douglass “JFK & The Unspeakable. Why he died and why it matters”. Please don’t take it personally that you have lived in ignorance all your life: it is extremely difficult to escape the combined propaganda of total spectrum dominance of the media by the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird. To kill a mockingbird - there’s the challenge!


"… just read one book: James Douglass "JFK & The Unspeakable. "

I wish I had a dime for every time some low informed dupe mentioned that poorly written and even more poorly researched book…

Job #1 of all US presidents is to make the world safe for corrupt, crony, predatory, monopolistic capitalism while destroying all alternatives at every opportunity. As such, Kennedy was every bit the war criminal guilty of numerous crimes against humanity as Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Cheney/Bush, Obama, as well as numerous other assorted politicians and CEO’s are… Deal with it… or not…


Norskmann. I know nothing about you nor you me - so lets both try for some mutual respect (“If we cannot end now our differences, at least let us make the world safe for our diversity”). FYI, I happen to have an MA in History so I have a developed skill/antennae in being generally able to differentiate between scholarship and propaganda. What put me onto the JFK trail in the first place was when I smelt a very large rat between the lines of Wm. Manchester’s “Death of a President”. Unwitting Testimony is the textual equivalent of a Freudian slip, and there were plenty.
You claim that Douglass’ “JFK & The Unspeakable” is “poorly written and poorly researched”. Which book then in your evidently wide reading on the subject might you recommend? Have you indeed read Douglass’ book?
Whilst I do not deny the forces which tend to corrupt all of American politics since Lincoln’s time, I do believe that JFK was the one exception, which is why he had to be removed.
Even if JFK was the most corrupt, amoral, drug-addled, plagiarising, hypocritical, sex-crazed, sick loser you clearly believe him to be YET he still saved your backside (along with 100 million Russian and 20 million American backsides!). If he only did that one thing, does that not count in his favour? I humbly suggest that perhaps it is you who needs to “deal with it” - whatever that’s supposed to mean…


Well said!


I read that JFK book as well, and also found it wanting. There were too much handwaved conditionals in it for it to be respectable as research.


Hi Mairead. The task of shedding any light whatsoever into the dark abyss that surrounds the JFK assassination would require several lifetimes’ scholarship. Why? Because of the phenomenal volume of deliberate disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and downright falsehoods that have been deployed by the CIA and FBI to muddy the waters. Nobody saw this better than JFK in his June 11th address to Yale: “The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought".
If you have read anything about JFK, you will know that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset - albeit expendable. You will also know that JFK inherited the Bay of Pigs fiasco from Ike and Nixon. Allen Dulles deliberately tried to deceive JFK and then to force his hand to commit US troops to invade Cuba. JFK held firm and when the subsequent investigation by Gen. Maxwell Taylor revealed the depth of CIA treachery, JFK swore to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. He sacked Dulles, though he should have put him on trial. Is it not surprising then that Dulles was appointed by LBJ to manage the Warren Report where he completely obfuscated the CIA’s part in the assassination and concealed the CIA connection with Oswald.
The CIA are very very good at killing and lying and making false evidence. This pattern of their deception has continued these last 50 years, and is part of a well used template. It is very easy to criticize any work of history since it is a superhuman task to clear the wheat from the chaff in all the CIA disinformation. However, I think enormous credit is due James Douglass for having made such a superb attempt which fits exactly the modus operandi of the dark forces (or The Unspeakable) which controls US politics and media. Orwell wrote that “Whoever controls the Present, controls the Past; Whoever controls the past, controls the Future”.
Why is it important to understand who killed JFK and why? Because if you don’t learn from History, you are bound to repeat it. Although JFK managed to avoid nuclear holocaust and had issued orders to withdraw from Vietnam (where US casualties were about 75), his death allowed the Vietnam War killing millions, and every war thereafter including the present Hell of the Middle East. Douglass makes it quite clear that the Military Industrial Complex which Eisenhower warned of has taken control. It matters not to them if the US military wins or loses; what matters is that war must continue because their industries profit from everyone’s blood. If Douglass wrote only that, then he must be given enormous credit for his clarity of vision and his courage. To quibble over some petty error that you perceive, is like Jesus’ warning to mind the plank in your own eye whilst removing the splinter from another’s. I am sure you are bigger than that. Kathy Kelly is in jail because she too understands the MIC and their iron grip on Past, Present and Future.


read, jame sdouglas book on JFK, you might learn something but I doubt it by your animosity towards Kennedy. Why do you think he was killed ? Warmongers live, peaceful men are killed.


Read the book, it’s on my book shelf now. JFK was a war criminal guilty of crimes against humanity. I don’t have any special animosity towards JFK or any other president for that matter. ALL US presidents #1 job is to make the world safe for corrupt, crony capitalism while destroying all alternatives at every opportunity. As such, JFK did much like the rest of them…

"To not know history, it’s as if you were born yesterday. " Howard Zinn